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Fort Wayne Divorce Attorney

At The Bellinger Law Office, we understand that topics like child custody and legal challenges like divorce or criminal cases can be overwhelming. Our experienced Fort Wayne attorney is here to guide and support you through these intricate situations. Whether safeguarding your family’s financial future, navigating the complexities of property division, advocating during a divorce, or defending you in criminal matters, we are dedicated to ensuring you never feel like “just another client.” In every case, we recognize the individual struggles and emotions involved and strive to provide personalized, thoughtful advice. With The Bellinger Law Office by your side in Fort Wayne, you can confidently face the legal challenges ahead.

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What Sets Us Apart

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Our attorney is experienced and uses his background to pursue the results you need.

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We’re well-versed in the intricacies of estate and financial planning, divorce, and criminal law.

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Client Focused

Our legal advice and counsel prioritize your goals while helping you mitigate risks as you navigate the legal playing field.

Our Process

Our individualized approach sets us apart. We learn about you, your goals and your immediate concerns to deliver efficient and effective recommendations based on your specific circumstances.
Meet Attorney

Robert H. Bellinger

Our principal attorney, Robert Bellinger, is committed to providing clients with the best possible service. This means that he listens carefully, manages your case efficiently and protects your rights throughout the process.

You can rely on him to be more than an advocate —

He will help you find your voice during your encounter with the legal system. Attorney Bellinger will fight for you, whether you require legal counsel for a family law matter or a DUI.

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What Makes The Bellinger Law
Office Firm Different


Family is the foundation of our law firm. We know that for many of our clients, family is what drives them to complete their estate plan in the first place. Clients are treated like family at our firm, receiving compassionate advice from start to finish.


Estate planning is an ongoing commitment. We form long-term relationships with clients to ensure their estate strategy reflects changes within their families as well as the law. By building lasting relationships, we keep your estate plan updated through all phases of life.


Mutual respect is an essential component to successful personal and professional relationships. We honor and respect our part in our clients’ lives, work hard to earn and maintain their trust, and cherish our responsibility to their families’ future. In return, we expect clients to respect our time and skills.

High Standards

We maintain high standards for our attorney and want our clients to do the same. We appreciate working with people who are committed to bringing their best to the process.

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