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How Many Drinks Can I Have and Still Legally Drive?

Written by on June 07, 2016

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Drunk driving laws have been significantly tightened over the last decade. While many times in the decades past, drivers stopped for traffic or other violations may have been allowed to leave without a DUI, today there is no tolerance for drinking and driving. Indiana DUI /OWI laws prohibit driving with a breath alcohol concentration (BAC) of over 0.08%. Those under the legal drinking age are not allowed to have any level of alcohol in their bloodstreams.

Preventing DUI

Although the laws governing DUI are stricter than ever, people still want to be able to go out and have a few drinks from time to time. Drivers are encouraged to use a designated driver who will remain sober for the evening. With the continued increase in Uber cars and other ride sharing services, getting a fast and inexpensive ride home is easier than ever. While there is simply no reason to drink and drive, often people to want to know how many drinks they can have before they are over the limit.

Calculating Alcohol Consumption

There are many different viewpoints on the calculation of alcohol consumption. Because of the many different variables, utilizing a chart to determine how many drinks you can consume may be difficult and misleading. Variables include your gender, your weight, your body fat concentration, and others. There are calculators that can be found online, however, it is essential that you realize that these calculations are not very accurate. They should not be used to prevent driving while intoxicated, but can be utilized as a general guideline.

Personal Breath Testers

Many new types of technologies are becoming available to the general public, which provide a way to allow consumers to test their own BAC. Small, portable units, similar to those used by law enforcement, are available for purchase at reasonable prices. The units require you to blow into them, after which the unit will display the calculated BAC. Additionally, there are new units on the market that connect using cell phone apps. All of these items are helpful when trying to determine BAC. While useful, they may not be completely accurate. If your BAC is close to the legal limit, you should not drive.

Fighting DUI Charges

Many people think that there is no hope for them once they are charged with DUI – but this is not true. There are various ways to aggressively defend DUI charges with the help of a skilled attorney. Regardless of the factors involved, there are many things that could be helpful in providing a winning defense. For example, your attorney may review the initial traffic stop to ensure that it was completed properly, and the DUI testing that was done will be scrutinized to make certain that the unit was operated correctly and that the results were correctly calculated. If you were charged with DUI, contact the knowledgeable legal team at The Bellinger Law Office to discuss your case.

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