Are You Sure Divorce Is Right for You?

Are You Sure Divorce Is Right for You?

April 28, 2015

Many years ago divorce carried a certain stigma with it that made it a more difficult decision for many individuals. However, societal norms have changed and divorce does not carry the same level of negative connotation that it once did. Divorce is actually quite common in our society, which has been well documented. In fact, according to most research done on the subject, somewhere between 40-50 percent of all marriages end in divorce.

That’s does not mean that divorce is easy, by any means, but in many cases today, divorce can be a positive move forward, instead of a negative move backwards. Coming to the decision to get a divorce can also be difficult, as most people typically don’t want to see their marriage come to and end. After all, most people believe they will be together forever, when they decide to get married, or at least until one of them dies. In any case, if you are considering divorce then there are some things you might want to consider before you move ahead with your plans.

If your marriage is in trouble and you think it’s headed for divorce then you should ask yourself some important questions before you decide to file any paperwork. For example, have you done everything in your power to help salvage your marriage? That could include many different things, like therapy or counseling, for example. Another question to consider is how long has it been since you and your spouse showed affection or were intimate? Also, ask yourself if you are prepared to live alone and can you support yourself financially and emotionally.

Other important questions to consider are whether or not you and your spouse still laugh together, and whether or not you argue or fight with your spouse every day? Lastly, ask yourself if everything about your spouse bothers you. Depending on how you answer these questions, then divorce might be the best option for you.

As you can see, reaching a decision on divorce can be difficult. There are many factors you need to seriously think about before you make any big decisions. These choices can have a great affect on you now and in your long-term future. At The Bellinger Law Office we understand what people are experiencing when they are thinking about divorce. We work with people in this situation every day. If you are considering divorce but you aren’t sure if it’s right for you, then maybe you should contact us for an initial consultation. We can evaluate your situation and help you look at the big picture so you can make a sound decision. Please contact us in Fort Wayne today at 260-428-2214, or click here.

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