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Attorney Robert Bellinger Domestic Relations Mediator

The family law and OWI attorney has received the Indiana Supreme Court’s approval to practice an alternative form of dispute resolution.

Attorney Robert Bellinger was officially registered as a domestic relations mediator with the Supreme Court of Indiana. Already a practicing family law attorney, this registration will expand the services the Bellinger Law Office provides to families in the Fort Wayne area. Additionally, this new role will offer another option to clients who want to settle their family law case out of court.

Mediation is an alternative form of dispute resolution used to resolve family law cases. It can be used to reach agreements in a variety of situations, such as divorce cases, custody, parenting time and support disagreements, parent-child or family disputes, elder care issues, guardianships, family businesses, adoption, premarital agreements and more. Unlike traditional litigation, which is argued by attorneys and decided by a judge, mediation allows the parties involved to reach a mutually acceptable solution without a judge determining the outcome. During this process, a mediator acts as an impartial facilitator, helping the parties negotiate and discuss different options. As a result, this process is typically faster and less expensive than traditional litigation, and also creates a more amenable environment for everyone who participates.

To become a domestic relations mediator, candidates must be a lawyer in good standing with the Supreme Court of Indiana or hold an advanced degree from an accredited university. They must then complete 40 hours of training approved by the Indiana Commission for CLE (continuing legal education). To be listed on the statewide registry of court-approved mediators, which is maintained by the Commission, mediators must also submit an application and pay a fee. Upon realizing that mediation services could help the Fort Wayne community by providing a cooperative approach to family law issues, Bellinger enrolled in forty hours of this required instruction. After completing this process, he received approval from the Supreme Court of Indiana to provide mediation services.

Family mediation provides both parties in a legal situation with control, dignity, and solutions for resolving their problems. This service is therefore yet another important skill for Bellinger, who has long been known in the Fort Wayne legal community for his ability to help people reach a positive outcome.

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