Authorities Arrest 10 People on Drug Charges in Indiana Drug Bust

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Authorities Arrest 10 People on Drug Charges in Indiana Drug Bust

June 02, 2015

People are accused of committing all kinds of crimes every day. Sometimes, these crimes are considered very serious, while other times they are only minor offenses. Some of the most common crimes people are arrested for are drug-related crimes. The majority of people in prisons today are there because of drug-related charges. Drug-related offenses can vary in degree, and depending on the severity of the offense, the punishments can also vary greatly.

Authorities in Richmond, IN recently arrested and charged 10 people with several drug crimes, after they allegedly found multiple drugs while raiding a mobile home. Investigators reportedly received an anonymous tip regarding drug-related activity going on at the mobile home in question. Investigators say that when they arrived at the scene they smelled marijuana and began searching the home. According to court documents, the officers also claim to have found a parked car next to the mobile home, which allegedly contained syringes.

Upon searching the home, investigators uncovered several illegal items, including cocaine, methamphetamine, marijuana and chemicals used for manufacturing methamphetamines. In all, investigators arrested 10 people in relation to the incident. Among the 10 people arrested were three people who were identified as the residents of the mobile home. All three of those individuals are facing several possession charges, including both felonies and misdemeanors. Among the charges included were possession of methamphetamine and cocaine as well as possession of paraphernalia. Authorities also arrested seven other people in connection with the raid. Those seven individuals are charged with visiting a common nuisance, which is a Class A misdemeanor.

All of these people could be facing serious consequences, especially the three people identified as the residents. Drug charges should never be taken lightly, especially when they are felony drug charges. If convicted, these people could spend time in jail and pay heavy fines. It’s important for anyone in this type of situation to contact an experienced criminal defense attorney right away.

At The Bellinger Law Office in Fort Wayne, we know how to handle these kinds of situations. Don’t settle for a court-appointed defense attorney if you are facing drug charges. Take a proactive approach and contact an experienced defense team to help you fight for your rights. You can’t afford to leave things to chance; your freedom and your future could depend on how your case turns out. Please call us in Fort Wayne today at 260-428-2214 or click here to contact us online to get the qualified defense help you need.

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