Authorities Cracking Down On Delinquent Child Support Payers

Child Support
Authorities Cracking Down On Delinquent Child Support Payers

March 03, 2015

Although most parents want to look out for their children and give them the care that they need after a divorce or separation, there are some parents who just don’t do enough. When parents split up and the non-custodial parent (typically the father) is ordered to pay child support, there is always the possibility that he or she won’t meet those demands.

Some parents who pay child support simply don’t earn enough to pay all their bills and their child support, which means something has to give. Often the child support payments are what suffer. In come cases, the parent who has been ordered to pay just decides he or she doesn’t want to make those payments. However, if a court has ordered the non-custodial parent to make such payments then he or she is obligated by law to do so. Failing to comply is a crime and that person could be facing jail time if they do not rectify the situation.

To that end, several counties in Indiana have been cracking down on delinquent child support payers in an effort to collect some of the billions of dollars that are owed by parents throughout the state. The problem is not just an issue for those parents who aren’t receiving monthly payments; it’s a problem for everyone. Many of these parents who don’t receive the proper support end up using government-assisted programs, which costs all taxpayers more money.

Several counties have stepped up their efforts to find these so-called deadbeat parents and either force them to pay overdue support or send them to jail. One such case involved a man from Columbus Indiana who reportedly owed his ex-fiancé nearly $45,000 in back child Support. Authorities have employed a special investigator to track down these parents and hold them responsible. So far, this special investigator has helped one county collect $156,000 in back child support from fugitives.

When you are owed child support payments and your former spouse or partner doesn’t comply it can put a lot of strain on your financial situation. In many cases it can be very difficult to raise a child as a single parent especially on a limited income. Without that necessary child support payments, it can be almost impossible at times. At The Bellinger Law Office we can help you if you have child support issues. While jail time can be one answer it is not the only answer and there are other ways that we can help you get the money to which you are entitled. Please contact us today if you have any problems with you child support situation in Fort Wayne. Call us at 260-428-2214.

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