Can You Still Get Child Support if a Parent Moves?

Child Custody
Can You Still Get Child Support if a Parent Moves?

September 08, 2015

Child support and custody after a divorce is very complicated in the first place, so many people wonder what happens if the non-custodial parent moves out of state. Will their child custody be cut off?

Does child support still get collected out of state?

Simply getting up and moving from Indiana is not a good enough excuse to drop all child custody payments. These by law are still owed to you no matter what. While it gets a little complicated with a move out of state, reason being that they often times need to be located, laws are in place to make sure a parent isn’t excused from payments because of a simple relocation. Every state including Indiana has a law that makes sure any child support that is ordered in a state is enforced in every state.

How does child support get enforced in a different state?

Often times it is required by law for the parent who has custody of the children to hire an attorney. The parent who moved has to be located first, which while it seems like a daunting task, can be done. Every state in the United States including Indiana has child support offices that helps locate parents by means of information provided at the Bureau of Motor Vehicles, insurance information, hiring data, and much more, making finding the out of state parent much easier than it seems.

After the parent has been found, your child support attorney can petition the court in whatever state the parent has moved to enforce those initial child support obligations that were set up in Indiana. After this has been done, the new state’s courts will take place of Indiana courts’ previous role in enforcing those payments. If necessary, the out of state courts can then take property, a certain percentage of wage, and can sometimes even go to the extent of taking away the non-custodial parent’s driver’s license.

The conclusion is..

All in all no matter where a non-custodial parent moves, child support must be paid. It can get complicated if one is not sure where that person is currently located, but this is not impossible to find out. At The Bellinger Law Office, we understand how frustrating child support issues can be, especially if a parent moves out of Indiana. To speak to an experienced Fort Wayne child support lawyer, contact our office today at 260-428-2214.

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