Child Support Modifications in Indiana

Child Support
Child Support Modifications in Indiana

December 08, 2015

While your divorce case may have been settled and child support order has been issued long ago, certain life situations may have changed since then. Maybe you recently changed jobs or your child is thinking about going to college, or maybe you have had additional children since the order. While you are continuously paying or receiving a certain amount of money each week, did you know that amount can be adjusted one way or another in Indiana?

What Circumstances Do Courts Consider?

  • An individual loses a job
  • An individual changes jobs and starts making a significant amount more
  • A child custody order is changed
  • A child needs an extensive amount of medical care
  • A child goes to a college or university

In Indiana, courts take all of these things into consideration and break everything down into over 25 potential points that go to impact how much the child support order will be, and when those payments will be due.

In Indiana, a court can only modify a child support order in certain situations, and until it is officially modified, the original child support order must be legally followed. Even if your situation has changed, you are legally responsible for those payments that are stated in the most recent court order. It is important to keep in mind that if you don’t pay what you are required, there may be penalizations and consequences.

In addition to this, it is important to remember that even if you and the other parent agree to a certain change in payments, it is still required by law to get official approval by the court. On the other hand, if you can’t agree on a set modification, the courts can help the two parties reach a modification amount. The courts in Indiana determine an appropriate payment by with the use of the Indiana’s Child Support Guidelines. If you are looking for a rough estimate of around how much your child support order would be decided in court, the following Indiana child support calculator can help.

While it seems like a simple task, modifications are very complicated because often times individuals have varying opinions on what should be considered when calculating how much should be owed. If you are thinking about seeking a child support modification, consider hiring an experienced child support modifications lawyer.

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