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Chris Brown Wins Joint Custody of Daughter

Written by on October 14, 2015

Child custody and child support battles can be a nightmare for both parties involved. In an ideal world, an agreement on what visitation should occur and how much child support should be paid could easily be figured out. Often times, if not most times, the separated couple is far from agreement and is forced to take the issues to court to be resolved fairly. These situations happen all the time, and celebrities are not excluded.

Just this past month, Chris Brown, a popular R&B artist, had been in a very disagreeing custody battle with the mother of his one year old daughter, Royalty. The singer filed paternity documents this past July after he found out he was the father of Royalty months after she was born, claiming that the mother was refusing him his legal rights to see and father his child.

The two parents had two varying opinions on what visitation should be granted and how much support should have to be paid. The mother of Royalty was looking for $15,000 each month in child support, in addition to limiting Brown to only limited and supervised visits.

Chris Brown won this case and was granted a joint 50/50 custody and is also only required to pay $2,500 each month in child support.

In addition to this, the judge also ordered the mother of Royalty to refrain from posting any negative posts on any form of social media about the case. In the past, there had been issues with the mother slandering Brown on twitter and other forms of social media, accusing him of having substance abuse issues. During the hearing, he was actually required to submit a drug test and even though he tested positive for marijuana and codeine, it was dismissed because he has a prescription for both.

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