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Allen County CDL Violations Attorney

Allen County CDL Violations Attorney

Do you drive for a living? If you do, then you know that your commercial driver’s license(CDL) is your livelihood. As such, any points that you might get on your license can put you and your family’s lives in jeopardy.

Here at The Bellinger Law Office, we understand how important your license is to you. We will fight tirelessly to ensure that you can remain on the road and continue providing for your family. Talk to an Allen County CDL violations attorney early in the process and let us help.

Reasons for Suspending or Revoking a CDL

In order to suspend or revoke a CDL, the state needs cause. Cause can include any of the following infractions.

  • Reckless driving,
  • Improper lane change,
  • Tailgating,
  • Excessive speeding,
  • Two to three “serious” violations in one year,
  • 18 points or more in three years,
  • DUI (BAC above .04),
  • Cell phone use,
  • Seatbelt violations,
  • Lane violations,
  • Refusal of a blood test, and
  • Leaving the scene of an accident.

For certain infractions, a second offense may result in a lifetime revocation of your CDL.

Types of CDL Violations

In some cases, CDL violations do not necessarily involve the quality of your driving. These types of violations include:

  • Equipment violations,
  • Out of date registration,
  • Logbook violations,
  • Exceeding weight restrictions, and
  • Hours of service violations.

Other Ways a CDL Ticket Can Impact You

While some might be of the opinion that paying the fine and moving on is the best avenue to put a CDL violation behind you, that is not necessarily always the case. In certain instances, it is better to fight the ticket. Even relatively minor infractions are a big deal for CDL drivers. Employers may take issue with points on your license because it sets them up for a serious liability problem or it increases the cost of their insurance. 

Out of State Violations

If you operate out of Indiana, a violation in another state can be placed on your Indiana CDL license. Local law enforcement will be notified and your employer will be notified, as well. Today, a driver can lose his or her CDL for a violation in another state.

CDL Violations in Indiana

Trucking and commercial driving are regulated at both the state and federal level. If you want to defend yourself against a CDL infraction successfully, you will need an attorney who understands both sets of regulations. The Allen County CDL violations attorneys at The Bellinger Law Office have the expertise you need to successfully defend yourself against a CDL traffic violation. Talk to us today.

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