Allen County Criminal Defense Lawyer

Allen County Criminal Defense Lawyer

Allen County Criminal Defense Lawyer

Most people do not know the first thing about how the criminal justice system works. When they are charged with a crime, they know that they can either plead guilty or not guilty. But the process is incredibly onerous and complicated. For that reason, having an Allen County criminal defense lawyer stand up for your rights is imperative while handling the stress and confusion of criminal charges. The Bellinger Law Office ensures that the prosecutors and the state prove every element of their case beyond a reasonable doubt.

Types of Cases That We Handle

The Bellinger Law Office handles all types of criminal cases, from routine DUI charges to serious violent crimes like homicide. This includes:

  • DUI, DWI, OWI – While these may seem like routine, everyday charges, the state of Indiana takes DUI seriously. Even for first offenses, defendants can face a 60-day prison term. On top of this, there are aggravating factors such as injuring another driver or someone inside your vehicle. You will need a vigorous defense to ensure that you are not overcharged or unfairly charged for the crime.
  • Drug possession – Depending on the drug you are caught in possession of, and the quantity of the drug found on you, in your car, or in your home, you can face a long prison sentence. Even in cases in which the drugs are not yours or it is “only” a misdemeanor charge, the conviction and arrest will stay on your record potentially for years. 
  • Theft – Basic shoplifting charges can seem minor from a legal standpoint, but they have far-reaching consequences. Who wants to hire an employee who was found guilty of stealing? Before you take a plea, talk to a lawyer.
  • Domestic violence – If you are charged with domestic violence, you can lose your right to own or possess a gun, lose visitation rights with your children, and harm your reputation in the community. Before you take a plea, a lawyer can help you understand your options.
  • Sex crimes – If you have certain types of sex crimes on your record, those charges can never be expunged. A lawyer can help ensure that the state’s evidence matches up with the gravity of the crime.
  • Juvenile crimes – Juvenile crimes are prosecuted in family as opposed to criminal court. If your child is charged with a crime, you need an attorney who can navigate the juvenile court system.
  • Probation violations – Probation violations may get your sent back to prison, but the chance of that happening decreases if you have an attorney advocating on your behalf.

Talk to an Allen County Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you have been charged with a crime, you need to ensure the best possible outcome for you or your child. That requires a skilled Allen County criminal defense attorney. Talk to The Bellinger Law Office today for more details.

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