Allen County License Defense Lawyer

Allen County License Defense Lawyer

Allen County License Defense Lawyer

You can lose your driving privileges for any number of reasons. These include failure to pay child support, accumulating too many points on your license, a DUI/OWI conviction, and more. The Allen County license defense lawyers at The Bellinger Law Firm can help protect your license and ensure that you are at least allowed to drive to and from work.

Indiana License Suspension Notice

Once a driver receives a suspension notice from the Bureau of Motor Vehicles, the suspension goes into effect 18 days after the date on the notice. License suspensions can be reversed. This will help drivers avoid any of the serious problems that may proceed from a license suspension. 

The license reinstatement process depends heavily on why your license was suspended or revoked in the first place. Issues related to driving infractions are harder to get reversed than other factors that could result in suspension such as failing to appear for a summons, failing to pay child support, or allowing your insurance to lapse. In these cases, simply paying the delinquent balance or otherwise remedying the situation can be enough to get the suspension overturned.

Hardship/Probationary Licenses

If your license has been revoked due to refusing to submit to a chemical test or OWI/DUI, you may be able to apply for a probationary or hardship license. You will need to prove to the court that you need your vehicle to get to and from work and that a license suspension would cause undue hardship to you and your family. 

Driving on a suspended license is not an option. If you are caught, the fines alone can cripple you and your family’s financial standing. A skilled Allen County license defense lawyer can help you apply for a probationary license. Hardship licenses go into effect 30 days after the initial suspension.

How an Allen County License Defense Lawyer Can Help

The Bellinger Law Office helps Allen County residents get their licenses restored after a suspension. This includes:

  • Determining what state-required remedies are necessary to restore the license
  • Working with insurance companies to prove financial stability and a willingness to ensure the defendant
  • The payment of fees associated with license restoration

Our lawyers work directly with our clients and the courts to ensure a successful resolution to their cases. This includes finding out what specific actions you need to take to get your license restored. 

If your license has been suspended, and you need it for work, our attorneys can help you get it back. We can also help you fight individual tickets.

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