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Angola CDL Tickets Attorney

Angola CDL Tickets Attorney

Even many lifelong commercial drivers do not know how easy it is for the State of Indiana to suspend their drivers’ licenses. In many cases, such a move can cause a family’s only income stream to dry up overnight. Then, after the suspension is lifted, many people must pay higher auto insurance rates. Out-of-state tickets usually affect your Indiana driving record. Moreover, old traffic tickets remain on your record for up to 10 years. That is a much longer period than in some other states. For these reasons, you need an Angola CDL tickets attorney.

The Bellinger Law Office is dedicated to commercial drivers just like you. We understand how important this matter is to you. So, we fight hard to keep traffic tickets off your record. We also know how to minimize the consequences of traffic tickets in Fort Wayne. So, we are well-positioned to deliver results that exceed your expectations.

How Did I Get So Many Tickets?

Most commercial drivers cross state lines at one time or another. Almost all states, including Indiana, participate in one of the interstate drivers’ license compacts. Most Canadian provinces are part of this system, as well. So, if you get a traffic ticket in Illinois, Kentucky, or even Ontario, it is probably only a matter of time before the Indiana BMV learns about it.

There are several problems here. First, different jurisdictions define violations in different ways. For example, Ohio and Indiana define “reckless driving” in very different ways. So, comparing the two citations is like comparing apples to oranges. Second, the drivers’ license compacts usually receive their information from law enforcement. So, if you get a speeding ticket dismissed, it may still show up in the compact’s database.

Additionally, if you get a ticket in your personal vehicle, that citation counts as a strike against your ability to operate a commercial vehicle.

An attorney can ensure that the compact database is accurate. That preventative action could save you from possible suspension action. We also handle both commercial and noncommercial citations because we know both are equally important.

How can a Fort Wayne Attorney Help?

Indiana traffic tickets are difficult to defend. They are not technically criminal cases, so some of the standard Constitutional protections do not apply. Furthermore, the evidentiary procedures are much more relaxed in these venues.

Nevertheless, we attack traffic tickets with the same tenacity as we display in other criminal cases. Prosecutors know this, so very often, we are able to arrange things like defensive driving and deferred disposition when these options usually are not available. So, the ticket stays off your record after you pay a fine and complete some other requirements.

Commercial drivers are usually out of town, so it is easy to miss court dates and deadlines. If that happens, the state may suspend your license or issue an arrest warrant. We can usually get these matters cleared up in a matter of hours so that you can stay on the road with confidence.

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Traffic tickets eventually lead to license suspension. For a confidential consultation with an experienced Angola CDL ticket lawyer, contact the Bellinger Law Office. Convenient payment plans are available.

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