Angola Child Custody Attorney

Angola Child Custody Attorney

Angola Child Custody Attorney

Child custody battles are among the most bitter and emotional disputes to make their way across the docket. Those who parted on otherwise amicable terms due to irreconcilable differences may find themselves hurling horrible accusations at the other in order to find any leverage in the battle. Even in cases in which both parties agree to a visitation schedule and a custody arrangement, the court may intervene if it feels that the best interests of the children are not being considered. The Angola child custody attorneys at The Robert Bellinger Law Office understand how emotional these cases can get and will represent your interests in child custody disputes.

Protecting Your Parental Rights in Indiana

The Robert Bellinger Law Firm will help to protect your right to custody and visitation. We can aid you by:

  • Enforcing court orders concerning visitation;
  • Resolving child custody disputes during divorce;
  • Representing your interests in relocation disputes;
  • Representing your interests in child support issues;
  • Representing parents in CHINS cases; and
  • Modifying child custody and visitation schedules.

In Indiana, the Courts Have the Ultimate Say

Regardless of what you and your spouse agree on in your divorce settlement, the Indiana family courts have the ultimate say regarding child custody agreements. They will, regardless of your wishes, always intervene when they feel that the best interests of the children are not being considered. In cases in which one parent has a pattern of drug abuse, alcoholism, or violence, the court may find that the parent should only be allowed supervised visitation with the child pending counseling, rehab, or other measures. The court may also rule on child support payments when the child’s needs do not appear to be adequately considered.

Physical vs. Legal Custody in Indiana

Physical custody refers to residential custody or with which parent the child lives on a day-to-day basis. Legal custody refers to decision making power over the child. Typically, in joint custody situations, the children will spend the majority of their time living with one parent. However, both parents will have the ability to make decisions about the child’s education, health care, and other key matters.

In cases of sole custody, only one parent will have this decision-making power. The other parent can still have visitation rights.

Visitation Enforcement

In cases in which one parent refuses to allow the other parent access to a child even after the court decided it is in the best interests of the child to have access to both parents, a child custody attorney can petition the court to enforce the judgment with increasingly stiff penalties.

Talk to an Angola Child Custody Attorney

The Robert Bellinger Law Office represents parents in child custody disputes. Contact us and we can begin preparing your case today.


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