Angola License Restoration Attorney

Angola License Restoration Attorney

Angola License Restoration Attorney

The Indiana BMV may suspend your drivers’ license for about a half-dozen different reasons. Many of them, such as bouncing a check to the government or falling behind on child support payments, have little or nothing to do with driving. Moreover, the state sends notices to your address of record. So, your license may be suspended, and you may not even know it. If this has happened to you, you will need an Angola license restoration attorney.

Indiana’s driving while license suspended law is incredibly strict. So, at The Bellinger Law Office, we work hard to protect your driving privileges. We understand that, despite what prosecutors claim, driving is a necessary act. That is why we offer a wide range of cost-effective solutions that preserve your right to drive.

Full License Restoration in Angola

In many cases, Indiana has the power to suspend your drivers’ license unilaterally. If that is the case, there may be little anyone can do except comply with whatever requirement the state imposes.

An attorney helps here. If the reinstatement paperwork is not done correctly, the drivers’ license suspension period could become even longer. So, attention to detail is key. Furthermore, the state does not automatically reinstate your license once the suspension period ends. You typically need an attorney to do that.

In other cases, most notably DUI arrest-related suspensions, there is a hearing. These hearings are difficult to win. The hearing officer is usually a paid BMV employee who serves as judge, jury, and executioner. Nevertheless, if an attorney aggressively challenges the state’s evidence, the hearing officer often reduces the suspension period. In some cases, s/he may even throw out the case altogether.

Angola Lawyers and Partial Drivers’ License Restoration

This process usually involves “specialized driving privileges,” aka a hardship license. The law recently changed in this area, so more people now qualify for this type of relief. Most Indiana residents are eligible unless they refused a chemical test or have twice violated prior hardship licenses.

To obtain this license, most people need at least 100/300 insurance coverage. Furthermore, they must have no outstanding traffic or criminal cases. At the hearing, the judge will want to know why you need to drive as well as the hours and routes required. The “why” usually involves one of the following:

  • To and from work,
  • Essential household activities, like grocery shopping,
  • To and from school, and
  • Attending court-ordered activities, like court dates or community service obligations.

Indiana is usually a route state as opposed to a purpose state. So, your hardship license will only be valid for the routes and times that it specifies. Therefore, it is very important that an attorney review your situation thoroughly. Otherwise, the license you work so hard to obtain may be inadequate.

Contact an Aggressive Attorney

A good lawyer is your best defense against drivers’ license suspension. For a confidential consultation with an Angola license restoration lawyer, contact the Bellinger Law Office. After-hours appointments are available.

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