Angola Weapons Charge Lawyer

Angola Weapons Charge Lawyer

Angola Weapons Charge Lawyer

In Indiana, law enforcement and prosecutors seem committed to ensuring harsh punishments for those who violate firearm laws and weapons-related charges. With an increasingly complex legislative landscape surrounding firearms use, it is essential for individuals accused of violating these laws to seek counsel from a criminal defense attorney well-versed in local gun laws. 

A qualified lawyer in this field can provide crucial knowledge and guidance on understanding rights and legal options under Indiana state law regarding weapon possession and usage. With such an experienced team, defendants can decide the best action during a firearms-related criminal proceeding.

What can an Angola Weapons Charge Lawyer do?

An Angola weapons charge lawyer is a legal professional specializing in defending clients against criminal charges related to firearms, weapons, and other dangerous objects. Our criminal defense lawyers deeply understand the relevant state and federal laws and use their knowledge to protect their client’s rights and interests.

When representing a client facing weapons charges, a defense lawyer will typically:

  1. Conduct an investigation: The defense lawyer will gather all the available evidence, including witness statements, police reports, and forensic reports, to build a strong defense case.
  2. Analyze the evidence and gather testimony: The lawyer will carefully review all the evidence to identify any weaknesses or inconsistencies in the prosecution’s case.
  3. Develop a defense strategy: Based on the evidence, the lawyer will develop a defense strategy tailored to the case’s specific circumstances.
  4. Negotiate with the prosecution: If possible, the defense lawyer will work with the prosecution to negotiate a plea deal or reduced charges.
  5. Represent the client in court: If the case goes to trial, the defense lawyer will represent the client, presenting evidence and arguing it on their behalf.

Overall, a weapons charge defense lawyer’s primary goal is to protect their client’s rights and ensure they receive a fair trial. Our attorneys at The Bellinger Law Office will work tirelessly to build a strong defense case and minimize the potential consequences of a weapons charge conviction.

What types of weapons charges exist in Indiana?

Depending on the alleged offense, weapon offenses can result in misdemeanor or felony charges. Certain crimes, such as possession, use, or manufacture of a weapon of mass destruction, may be charged at different levels based on the circumstances.

Some charges include the following and are dependent on the person’s criminal history or circumstances around the charge.

  • Firearm possession by a violent felon (Class B felony)
  • Possession of a weapon that is illegal in Indiana
  • Presenting a false ID or using false information to possess a firearm (Class C felony)
  • Charges related to providing minors with a gun (Class C felony) 
  • Removing or altering a firearm’s serial number 
  • Owning a firearm with an altered serial number

Have you been cited with a weapons-related charge? Contact us today.

Contact our defense attorneys immediately if you have been charged with a weapons-related charge. The Bellinger Law Group has experience defending weapons-related charges on behalf of our clients. Contact us today if you have questions or wish to consult with our team. We are here to help. 

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