Brierwood Hills Child Custody Lawyer

Brierwood Hills Child Custody Lawyer

Seek Assistance from an Experienced Child Custody Attorney in Brierwood Hills

Child custody issues often are among the most contentious in a divorce case. To be sure, many Brierwood Hills residents who are thinking about filing for divorce have serious concerns about how a court will decide who gets custody of the children and whether both parents will get to continue making important decisions about their kids’ futures. At The Bellinger Law Office, we know how complicated child custody matters can be, and we are here to help Brierwood Hills families who have questions or concerns about the child custody process.

Most importantly, you should never attempt to handle a child custody matter on your own in court. Even in situations where the other party tentatively agreed to a custody arrangement, it is extremely important to have an experienced advocate on your side when you are fighting for your children. A dedicated Brierwood Hills child custody attorney can assist you today.

Elements of Child Custody Under Indiana Law

When courts make decisions about child custody in Brierwood Hills, they look to Title 31 of the Indiana Code, which governs family law issues in our state. Generally speaking, some of the key terms with which you should be familiar include the following:

  •      Joint custody: Joint custody can be either joint legal custody or joint physical custody. When parents have joint legal custody, they are both responsible for the major decisions surrounding their child’s upbringing.
  •      Sole custody: Sole custody can be sole legal custody or sole physical custody. A parent may share joint legal custody while being awarded sole physical custody of a child.
  •      Legal custody: When parents are awarded joint or sole legal custody, it does not have anything to do with the child’s home base. To be sure, legal custody refers to a party’s right to make important decisions about the child’s life and future, such as where the child will attend school, what doctor the child will see, and how the child will participate in religious exercises.
  •      Physical custody: Unlike legal custody, physical custody does refer to the physical placement of the child. When one parent has sole physical custody, it does not mean that the other parent cannot be involved in decision-making practices about the child’s life. Instead, it simply means that the child lives primarily with one parent. Likewise, joint physical custody means that the child lives primarily with both parents.
  •      Custodial parent: A custodial parent is simply the parent who was awarded physical custody by the court.

Your Brierwood Hills family lawyer can also discuss the terms of parenting time with you and how a court will decide how your child spends his or her time after the divorce.

Contact a Dedicated Brierwood Hills Child Custody Lawyer

Child custody laws in Indiana are complicated, but a dedicated child custody lawyer in Brierwood Hills can help. The Bellinger Law Office is committed to assisting Brierwood Hills families through contentious child custody matters, and we are here to answer your questions today. Contact us for more information about how we can assist with your case.

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