Brierwood Hills Record Sealing Attorney

Brierwood Hills Record Sealing Attorney

Brierwood Hills Record Sealing Attorney

There are few things more humiliating than being placed under arrest. In the aftermath, it can prove challenging to explain the situation to family and friends, not to mention your boss and coworkers. Unfortunately, your arrest appears as part of your criminal record, publicly available for anyone to see. At the Bellinger Law Office, we provide the legal guidance you need when facing this type of situation. Our Brierwood Hills record sealing attorney can take the actions needed to defend your rights and clear your name.

Sealing Arrest Records

Whether you are accused of committing a minor crime as the result of a misunderstanding or you face serious criminal charges, your arrest becomes part of the public record. Whenever a background check is run through the Indiana Courts or through a private service, details such as your name, address, the date of the altercation, and the charges you face will be visible for anyone to see.

Even if you manage to avoid a criminal conviction, having been arrested and charged with a crime can have a negative impact on different areas of your life. It may influence hiring decisions when it comes to obtaining a job in certain fields, make you less likely to be approved for an apartment or home lease, and could create problems when collecting certain types of government benefits.

Fortunately, Indiana law provides a way for these records to be hidden from the public and certain government agencies. At Bellinger Law Office, we can guide you in filing a petition through the court requesting that your arrest record is sealed. This may be an option if you meet the following guidelines:

  • The arrest did not result in a conviction or in cases involving juvenile offender, an adjudication;
  • The arrest did result in a conviction, but it was vacated on appeals;
  • You are not currently participating in a pretrial diversion program;
  • It has been one year since the date of your arrest.

Let Us Help Clear Your Name

Under Section 38-35-9 of the Indiana Code, a petition to have your arrest records sealed may be filed with the court. Information our Brierwood Hills record sealing attorney will need as part of this petition includes:

  • The date of the arrest;
  • The county in which it occurred;
  • The law enforcement agency involved;
  • Any other identifying information you have, such as the court case number.

Reach Out to The Bellinger Law Office Today

Do not let an arrest record hold you back from the things you want to do in life. Reach out and contact our Brierwood Hills record sealing attorney at Bellinger Law Office and request a consultation today.  

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