Brookside Estates Child Support Attorneys

Brookside Estates Child Support Attorneys

Brookside Estates Child Support Lawyer

When two parents’ divorce, an Indiana family court must decide how the children involved will be financially supported. This requires making several different decisions that affect the children’s lives, including physical and legal custody, parenting time and visitation, and what the financial obligations of each parent will be. These decisions are often emotionally charged and difficult to get through, but with the right representation, you will find that you make it through with less stress.

At the Bellinger Law Office, our Brookside Estates child support attorneys provide representation and guidance to clients concerning all of the often difficult family matters. We work tirelessly on behalf of our clients, and we also work with opposing counsel when seeking to obtain parenting time agreements, child custody, and child support agreements that are in the best interest of our clients and their children.

Indiana has specific rules and guidelines that apply to the determination of child support. These laws were created, in general, to ensure that the welfare and the basic needs of the children involved are both met. Although the income of both of the parents is a vital factor in the determination of child support, there are other considerations that may affect the outcome of the child support calculation. Our Brookside Estates child support attorneys keep all of these factors in mind when we have clients with child support cases.

Modification of Support

There are times when a divorced parent faces changes in their financial situation, such as a loss of a job, or a move to another state with higher cost of living, which results in the parent becoming unable to pay their child support payments as usual. If this does happen to one of our clients, our Brookside Estates child support attorneys feel that this is a vital issue that needs to be addressed as soon as possible. Although Indiana courts typically will not allow child support obligations to be eliminated because a parent has lost their income, they do allow modifications to be made. After all, the child still needs to be provided the basic necessities of life, whether or not a job loss occurs.

Our child support attorneys at the Bellinger Law Office represent clients who have not been receiving their regular child support payments. We help them seek to collect the payments that are owed to the children involved in the situation. In cases such as these, we may also represent a former spouse who is seeking a modification to reduce their child support obligation while they are enduring a financial difficulty.

Contact an Experienced Brookside Estates Child Support Attorney Today

If you are in search of an experienced Brookside Estates child support attorney who can help you with initial calculations of child support or modifications of child support, contact the Bellinger Law Office at (260) 428-2214. We will sit down and listen to your situation and provide you with an initial consultation on your case, and you can decide if one of our Brookside Estates child support attorneys can provide you with the best representation of your child support case.

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