Child Custody Lawyers 46899

Child Custody Lawyers 46899

Child Custody Lawyers 46899

The approach family law courts take toward parental responsibilities has evolved over time. Now, most states favor parents sharing joint custody of their children after a divorce or separation unless there is a strong reason against it. In Indiana, courts may consider all types of custody arrangements in each case as long as the outcome will benefit the best interests of the child. 

If you are facing a divorce or separation from your child’s other parent, you will have two basic options – either negotiate a mutually acceptable custody agreement on your own or with the help of your respective attorneys or face an unpredictable custody battle in which the court has considerable discretion. If you have child custody concerns or anticipate a dispute, consult with our experienced child custody lawyers serving the 46899 zip code today.   

Child Custody Options in Indiana

Child custody refers to specific parental rights and responsibilities, and it is broken down into two distinct categories: 

  • Physical Custody – Physical custody refers to parents’ rights and responsibilities to provide for the physical needs of their shared children. This includes housing, feeding, and clothing for the children. If a parent has primary physical custody, they provide for these important needs the majority of the time (while the other parent generally has visitation with the children that’s based on a parenting time schedule). If the parents have joint physical custody, both parents share these rights and responsibilities – but not necessarily equally. 
  • Legal Custody – Legal custody refers to making important decisions for your children. This includes decisions related to their education, their religious upbringing, their health, and their extracurricular activities. Legal custody can also be sole or joint, and if you and your children’s other parent share joint custody, you’ll likely make these important decisions together (with a mechanism in place for resolving disputes).

You and your divorcing spouse, along with your respective child custody lawyers serving the 46899 area, will work together to come to an acceptable consensus regarding your children’s physical and legal custody. If you cannot reach an agreement, your case will likely proceed to court, which often rules in favor of the children’s primary caregiver, but not always.  

Your Child Custody Case

If you are a parent going through a divorce, your children’s ongoing health and well-being are naturally a top priority. You want to obtain child custody arrangements that protect your rights and are in your children’s best interests. Working closely with an experienced child custody attorney will help you negotiate arrangements that both you and the other parent can live with. If you are not able to hammer out mutually acceptable arrangements, your dedicated child custody lawyer will skillfully advocate for you and your children’s rights in court.  

You Should Have Experienced Local Child Custody Lawyers on Your Side

The most emotionally fraught component of any divorce that involves children is often determining the child custody arrangements. The compassionate legal team at The Bellinger Law Office in Fort Wayne has the experience, commitment, and skill to help you obtain child custody arrangements that work for you and your children. Our dedicated child custody lawyers care about your case, and we’re here to help. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us today.

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