Criminal Defense Attorneys in Fort Wayne

Criminal Defense Attorneys in Fort Wayne

Criminal Defense Attorneys in Fort Wayne

A simple mistake, poor judgment, and many other circumstances can lead to an arrest on criminal charges in Indiana, and you can be sure law police are aggressive in apprehending suspects. According to Indiana State Police, law enforcement officers at the state, county, and local level make more than 142,000 arrests every year. Many of these cases involve misdemeanor offenses, but you could also face felony charges for more serious crimes. For any violation of Indiana criminal laws, the penalties can include long periods of incarceration, fines, and other consequences.

Still, it is important to remember that an arrest does not equal a conviction. There are multiple opportunities to leverage defense strategies, and our team at the Bellinger Law Office is prepared to fight for your rights. Please contact us to set up an initial consultation with our criminal defense attorneys in Fort Wayne. You can also read on for some information on our legal services and why retaining counsel is essential in an Indiana criminal case.

Solid Representation With All Types of Criminal Charges

Being arrested is an overwhelming experience, especially if you do not have a legal background. You can trust our lawyers to mount an aggressive defense in cases involving: 

  • Drunk driving charges, which Indiana refers to as Operating While Intoxicated (OWI);
  • Drug crimes, including possession, trafficking, and manufacturing of drugs listed Indiana’s Controlled Substances Act;
  • Retail theft, i.e., shoplifting, identity theft, robbery, and other theft crimes;
  • Traffic violations, which could impact your driver’s license;
  • Juvenile offenses that encompass a separate set of laws for minors, while also enabling them to be charged as adults; and,
  • Post-conviction relief, such as expungement of your criminal record.

In general, cases classified as misdemeanors are punishable by less than one year in jail and a fine. The more serious crimes are felonies, which carry a prison sentence of at least one year. However, a conviction for a Level 1 felony could mean 20 to 40 years’ incarceration, and Indiana does have the death penalty for murder.

How Our Team Supports Your Rights

Our criminal defense lawyers in Fort Wayne are prepared to guide you through every step of the criminal process, presenting defenses and employing other strategies to obtain the best possible outcome. The Bellinger Law Office will:

  • Assist at your arraignment after arrest, where the court will read the official charges and address bail;
  • Conduct an investigation to gather evidence in your favor;
  • File motions related to improper evidence or violations of your civil rights;
  • Review the prosecution’s evidence and depose witnesses;
  • Attend all court hearings and appearances; and,
  • Aggressively defend your rights at trial by presenting witnesses, exhibits, and arguments.

Our Criminal Defense Attorneys in Fort Wayne Will Advise You on Strategies

Your situation may seem grim if you were arrested for criminal charges, but the above information should help you realize the importance of retaining skilled legal representation. To learn more about strategies, please contact the Bellinger Law Office. We are happy to schedule a consultation with a knowledgeable Indiana criminal defense lawyer.

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