Criminal Defense Lawyers Fort Wayne

Criminal Defense Lawyers Fort Wayne

Criminal Defense Lawyers Fort Wayne

The Bellinger Law Office handles a number of criminal cases throughout Fort Wayne and the surrounding areas. If you are charged with a crime, you need an attorney who will resolve the issue quickly and quietly. Too often, criminal defendants are convicted on the strength of sloppy police work and a speculative prosecution because they did not fully understand the law or their rights. When you are represented by a board-certified Fort Wayne criminal defense attorney, you can have peace of mind knowing that your rights are being protected under the law.

The Bellinger Law Office handles all types of criminal cases. Below, we will discuss the types of cases we handle.

Expungement of Criminal Records

In Indiana, you can get certain types of criminal convictions, arrests, and other potentially compromising information expunged from your criminal record or sealed. That means that employers or landlords will not have access to that information if they perform a background check. If you have a black mark on your record, The Bellinger Law Office can have it removed. 

Traffic Violations

Some folks may not think it is worth it to fight a traffic violation, but in some cases, traffic violations can do significant damage. The Bellinger Law Office can help you fight a traffic violation and keep your driving record clean. 

Additionally, we advocate on behalf of those who are attempting to get their licenses restored from suspension.


The State of Indiana takes driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol very seriously, especially in cases where someone is killed or injured. If you are charged with DUI, you need an attorney who understands the process of conducting roadside sobriety tests, breathalyzer tests, and blood tests. We will ensure that you are not convicted of bogus or subjective evidence.

Domestic Violence

Most domestic violence situations are complicated. Yet police will always remove the individual who they perceive as the greater threat from the scene. This does not mean that individual instigated or started the fight. It simply means that the police had to secure the situation. If you have been unfairly charged with domestic violence, the attorneys at The Bellinger Law Office can help. 

Drug Crimes

While many perceive drug possession and similar charges as a victimless crime, the State of Indiana does not see it that way. If you have been caught in possession of a controlled substance, the penalties can vary depending on the type and amount of the substance with which you are caught. Our attorneys can help ensure you are not overcharged or charged unfairly for drug possession.

Criminal Defense Lawyers Fort Wayne

The Bellinger Law Office handles a number of other criminal charges not listed here. Our attorneys offer compassionate, respectful advice on how to best manage your circumstances. We force prosecutors to meet their burden of proof, and when they cannot, we get charges dropped or reduced. If you are in a legal jam, contact one of our Fort Wayne criminal defense attorneys today.

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