Criminal Law Attorney in Fort Wayne

Criminal Law Attorney in Fort Wayne

Criminal Law Attorney in Fort Wayne

Those who have been charged with serious crimes in Fort Wayne need a criminal law attorney who understands the stakes, can help you navigate the criminal justice system, will ensure that you are not overcharged for your alleged crimes, and will build your legal defense around the known facts in the case. For decades, The Bellinger Law Office has helped Fort Wayne residents get expert representation while they are being offered dubious plea agreements based on imaginative theories about what happened. Talk to us today before signing anything or speaking to police. We can help.

When Should You Accept a Plea Bargain?

A plea bargain occurs when the district attorney offers a defendant who has been charged with a crime a deal. The defendant agrees to plead guilty to lesser charges to avoid the cost of a lengthy trial. The defendant does not know what evidence the prosecutor has or how much of their case they can prove. As in most negotiations, it favors the side with access to the most information.

When you have a criminal defense attorney handle your case, we force the district attorney to prove every element of their case beyond a reasonable doubt. Criminal defense attorneys can, therefore, negotiate much better plea deals than typical defendants. 

For defendants, it can be difficult to know when a plea bargain really is a deal. That is because it depends entirely on the strength of the prosecution’s case, and they are not necessarily showing their cards. Your attorney will evaluate all the evidence against you to determine whether or not you are getting a fair deal. 

Keep in mind that, if you plead guilty to the charges, the conviction will stay on your record, perhaps for years, before your records can be sealed.

Record Expungement in Fort Wayne

If a crime from your youth is costing you jobs today, you may qualify to have your records sealed. This means that they will not show up in a criminal background check, and potential employers cannot use your past as a reason to deny you a future.

The Bellinger Law Office has helped several good people who made mistakes when they were younger get their records sealed to ensure that they can build a brighter future. This allows them to get good jobs and build a solid foundation moving forward. Talk to us today for more information.

Contact a Criminal Law Attorney in Fort Wayne

If you are being charged with a crime or wish to have a prior conviction expunged, talk to the Fort Wayne criminal defense attorneys at The Bellinger Law Office today. We can help you get a result that you deserve.

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