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Criminal Law Lawyer Fort Wayne

Criminal Law Lawyer Fort Wayne

If you are charged with a crime, then the stakes are high. Even a simple ticket can cause your insurance premiums to spike, and potentially make it easier for the government to suspend your license. Then there are fines, driving school, and other remedies that will cost you a lot of money. And that is the least damaging criminal action you can face. 

When the stakes are high, and your reputation and future are on the line, you want to ensure that you produce the strongest defense possible. The Fort Wayne criminal defense attorneys at The Bellinger Law Office have been defending clients from various criminal complaints for decades. If you are facing criminal charges, our experienced attorneys can help you, too.

What types of cases do we handle?

Our office handles all types of cases ranging from ticket defense to homicide charges. Often, a guilty plea on these charges will result in broadscale consequences even outside the criminal justice system.

  • DUI, DWI, OWI, OWVI are all acronyms for the same offense. Conviction on this charge can result in jail sentences, license revocation, and a long period of probation where the government expects you to complete substance abuse and safe driving courses. Your insurance premiums will become exorbitant. Pleading down can reduce these potential consequences.
  • Drug possession is still considered a serious crime in Indiana. Even marijuana and other seemingly innocuous drugs can result in lengthy prison sentences under the right conditions. Our attorneys will fight to ensure you avoid prison and get the help you need.
  • Theft charges are something you do not want on your record when you are applying for employment. 
  • Internet crimes range from fraud, to solicitation of a minor, to possession of unlawful pornographic material. Our attorneys have experience fighting these charges.
  • Juvenile violations are treated differently than adult criminal cases. The forum is different and the penalties are different. Our attorneys can help represent your child if they are caught up in some troublemaking.
  • Probation violations sometimes result in a return to prison—but not always. Our attorneys can help you explain a violation and show that going back into a prison cell is not in the state’s best interests.
  • Expungements and sealing of records can be accomplished with the help of a Fort Wayne criminal defense attorney. Your record can be sealed preventing employers, landlords, or others from gaining access to your criminal records.

You have rights! Use them!

The Bellinger Law Office understands that you are probably scared and just want the whole thing to be over. But that is not a good reason to plead guilty. Pleading guilty will extend your burden to the state and make the process take that much longer. The Fort Wayne criminal defense attorneys at The Bellinger Law Office will ensure you get the best possible plea based on the evidence or get the charges tossed if the evidence is lacking. Call today to schedule an appointment and we can begin discussing your defense immediately.

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