Divorce Attorney Angola

Divorce Attorney Angola

Divorce Attorney Angola

Couples do not walk down the aisle on their wedding day expecting the marital relationship to break down but, over the passage of time, some could be considering divorce. Like every other US state, Indiana has a statute on dissolution of marriage that covers the process and legal requirements. Though no-fault divorce is possible on the grounds of irretrievable breakdown of the marital relationship, one party must be a resident of the state for at least six months. After filing the case, the parties will work through the divorce issues that enable them to emerge from the process as separate, single individuals. 

However, the details of a real-life divorce case are far more complex. Parties must address contentious financial and legal matters, while parents will also face questions about minor children. You must protect your rights and your future, so rely on the Bellinger Law Office to advocate on your behalf. Please contact us today to set up a consultation with a divorce attorney in Angola. You might also benefit from reviewing some background information.

Issues Parties Will Address in Indiana Divorce

Every case is different, but the parties will deal with one or more of the following matters when going through divorce proceedings. 

  • Property Division: Indiana follows the rule of equitable division when it comes to property owned by the couple. Assets are first classified as martial and separate, and then all marital property is distributed between the parties according to the interests of fairness.
  • Spousal Maintenance: Familiarly known as alimony, spousal support aims to even the financial disparities that might exist between the parties. Either spouse can request spousal support, and the judge will review statutory factors when awarding it.
  • Child Custody, Visitation, and Support: Custody refers to the decision-making involved with raising a child and, absent misconduct, Indiana laws prefer joint custody. The nonresidential parent has the right to exercise visitation, i.e., parenting time, and will usually pay child support.  

Strategies for Resolving Divorce Disputes

There are options for addressing the three issues above without going to court, and many parties can reach an agreement in some or all areas. If disagreements remain, it is likely that your case will be ordered to mediation to work out disputes. Our Angola, IN, divorce lawyers will be at your side throughout the process. We are skilled at negotiations and experienced in mediation, so you know your case is in good hands.

The Bellinger Law Office is also prepared to take your case to court for outstanding disputes. Contested hearings in divorce are similar to trials, and we have the skills to prepare a solid litigation strategy. We will present evidence, arguments, and testimony to obtain a favorable outcome.

Trust a Divorce Attorney in Angola to Protect Your Interests

If you are contemplating divorce or were served with papers, please contact the Bellinger Law Office to schedule a consultation with an Indiana divorce lawyer. We can advise you on goals and options for resolving property division, alimony, and issues related to minor children.

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