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Divorce Lawyer Angola, IN

Divorce Lawyer Angola, IN

If you enjoy watching courtroom dramas and reality TV shows, then you have likely seen divorce portrayed in that dramatized fashion. In real life, divorces seldom play out like that. The divorces that do play out like that, however, are the best for the purposes of drama. Thus in our collective imaginations, divorce is often this dramatic battle that plays out in front of a judge. That is almost never the case.

There are a number of ways to dissolve a marriage and not all of them involve harsh accusations and a protracted period of litigation. Today, more couples are dissolving their marriages in mediation. A good divorce attorney in Angola needs to know the different types of divorce and the issues that may rise in each. 

Most Divorces Do Not Require Litigation

If two people dissolve their marriage, go their separate ways, and live happily ever after, then where’s the conflict? No conflict, no drama. Hence why litigate divorces are overrepresented on television. They supply their own drama. Most, however, would prefer to dissolve their marital estate amicably, go their separate ways, ensure their children are cared for, and have enough of a foundation to build a new life.

Thus, the majority of divorces are resolved in mediation where one attorney represents the interests of the couple and attempts to negotiate an arrangement that meets both parties’ needs. An attorney can look over the agreement, present it to the court, and the judge will usually sign off on it. Under Indiana law, a couple must attempt mediation before litigating their divorce.

What Issues Can Be Resolved Through Divorce?

All divorce cases solve two problems, but they can be complicated problems. Firstly, a determination must be made as to the equitable distribution of the marital estate. When you marry, you and your spouse begin accruing property, wealth, and debts together. This property then becomes part of the marital estate. The estate can be split down the middle, but often the distribution of marital assets will depend entirely on the situation of the spouses. If one spouse has a significantly higher earning power than the other, then the distribution will skew toward the spouse with the lower earning power. Alimony is also an element of asset distribution.

The second major issue involves child custody, visitation, visitation schedules, and child support. These can often become quite contentious when allegations of abuse are made. However, more often than not, parents resolve these issues amicably for the sake of the children, which is precisely what the court wants to see. 

An Angola, IN Divorce Attorney to Advocate for Your Interests

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