Divorce Lawyer By Me

Divorce Lawyer By Me

Divorce Lawyer By Me

Hiring the right lawyer when you are going through a divorce can have a significant effect on the outcome of your divorce, as well as the amount of stress involved, how long your divorce case takes to settle, and how much money you end up spending to resolve issues in a divorce. Your divorce lawyer can also have an impact on some of the most important issues to you and your future, such as with whom your children live, whether or not you get to keep the house, or how much alimony you are awarded.

When you work with The Bellinger Law Office, you choose to work with a legal professional who cares about you. If you are going through a divorce in Indiana and need to meet with a divorce lawyer near you, contact The Bellinger Law Office today for your case evaluation.

Issues in a Divorce We Help You to Navigate

There are a number of issues in your divorce that you and your spouse will need to make a determination about. If you and your spouse cannot agree about how issues should be resolved, the court will make these decisions for you. Some of the most common issues in a divorce that our law firm can assist you in navigating include:

  • Property division. In a divorce, fighting over who gets what is common. In Indiana, the law states that the court will assume that an equal division of the property is just and fair; however, division may not be equal if the court finds reason for this. We can help you fight for the property you want, and understand when making concessions and compromise is for your own benefit.
  • Child support and child custody. All parents want what’s best for their children, but in the middle of the divorce, what may be best for the child may be confused with personal emotions and needs. We help you, your spouse, and the court recognize your child’s best interests, and help you fight for custody of your child.
  • Spousal support. When one party in a marriage is dependent upon the other for financial support, divorce can mean economic crisis for the dependent party. An award of spousal support, or alimony, can help the dependent spouse maintain their quality of life.

Contact Our Law Offices Today

At The Bellinger Law Office, we know how emotional and confusing divorce can be. We work on your behalf to protect your interests and secure the best outcome possible. While we cannot promise that your divorce will be resolved without contention, or that you will get everything you want during a divorce, we can promise to advocate for you. We have the experience and resolve you’re looking for – contact our law office today for your initial consultation at 260-428-2214.

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