DUI Attorney Near Allen County

DUI Attorney Near Allen County

DUI Attorney Near Allen County

Every US state has laws prohibiting driving under the influence of alcohol, and the implications of violating Indiana’s version can be severe. The statute uses the term Operating While Intoxicated (OWI), but you are probably familiar with the prohibitions from general DUI laws. You could face charges if you were driving a vehicle with a blood alcohol concentration in excess of .08%, the legal limit in Indiana. Police could also arrest you if you were drunk driving without BAC evidence if you showed signs of intoxication. The penalties for an Indiana OWI conviction can be severe.

Still, you should always keep in mind that there are ways to fight drunk driving charges. Because it can be difficult to apply them if you do not have a legal background, trust our team at the Bellinger Law Office to protect your rights. Our team has extensive experience in OWI laws, enabling us to develop solid strategies to obtain a favorable result. Please contact us today to set up a consultation with a DUI attorney near Allen County, and check out some background about the laws.

Overview of Indiana Drunk Driving Laws

Initially, you should note that an OWI arrest triggers two separate legal proceedings.

  • Administrative Case: One aspect of a drunk driving case affects your driver’s license. Driving is a privilege, and it can be taken away for violating traffic laws. For a first-time DUI, you face a driver’s license suspension up to 180 days; subsequent arrests for drunk driving could lead to a minimum one-year suspension.
  • Criminal Case: OWI is also a crime, so a person arrested for drunk driving will also have to defend the charges through criminal proceedings. If convicted, a first offense could mean up to 60 days in jail OR a year for BAC above .15%. For subsequent DUI convictions, a person could be incarcerated for six to 30 months.

Note that Indiana also has an implied consent law, in which all motorists agree to submit to a chemical test if police believe the person is intoxicated. Refusal to blow could result in a driver’s license suspension of one to two years.

Strategies for Fighting OWI Charges in Indiana

There are multiple defenses in drunk driving cases, but there may also be options for resolving both cases in a way that avoids extremely harsh penalties. Our Allen County DUI lawyers at the Bellinger Law Office will pursue all strategies that are appropriate for your case, including:

  • Contesting reasonable suspicion to pull you over and probable cause to arrest you;
  • Disputing BAC test results, as these devices are subject to strict calibration and training requirements;
  • Discussing plea bargaining with the prosecutor, such as reducing DUI charges to a “wet reckless”; and,
  • Any other options that support your rights.

Contact a DUI Attorney Near Allen County for Details

If you were arrested for OWI in Indiana, retaining legal representation should be a top priority. For more information on how we can help, please contact the Bellinger Law Office to schedule a consultation with a drunk driving defense lawyer.

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