Family Law Attorney Near Me

Family Law Attorney Near Me

Family Law Attorney Near Me

Family law attorneys handle all issues related to both marriage and divorce. While we are well-known for handling divorces, divorce is not the only service we provide. In this article, the Bellinger Law Office will discuss the sorts of legal services we provide to married couples and families.

Fort Wayne, Indiana Divorce Attorney

When you get married, you begin building your marital estate. Once you decide to get divorced, that estate must be divested into two separate estates. Ultimately, how this is done depends on Indiana state law, the quality of your arguments, and other elements surrounding your divorce. Our job is not necessarily to extract as much lucre from the marital estate as possible and ensure that you get it. Our job is to resolve the divorce in whichever way you think is best for your future. This includes a less stressful and hostile approach to the settlement process than what you may be used to seeing on television. Mediation, uncontested divorces, and collaborative divorces are alternatives to litigated divorces. 

Fort Wayne Child Custody, Child Support, and Visitation Attorney

The courts generally assume that it is in the best interests of the children to have both parents in their lives. Nonetheless, custody is a legal term that means having decision-making power over the child. This means that the parent has the right to make educational decisions and health care decisions on the child’s behalf. Without custody, the parent’s voice in these matters carries no weight. Physical custody refers to where the child lives. Legal custody means decision-making power. 

Parents who are concerned that their custody rights may be challenged in divorce need an experienced attorney to ensure they maintain contact with their children. Parents who are convinced their co-parent is unfit for the task will need to convince the court that they are correct. In both cases, experienced legal representation produces the best results for your family.

Modifications to Divorce Decrees

Even after your divorce is finalized, you may decide to move, your financial situation may change, or something else and you have to revisit the divorce decree to make a change. While you can verbally agree to a change with your former spouse, the change does not have the weight of law behind it until it is filed with the court. In other words, you cannot hold someone accountable for a verbal agreement. In these cases, modifications to divorce decrees are necessary. The Bellinger Law Office can ensure your divorce decree modifications are explicit and actionable.

Family Law Attorney Near Me

The Bellinger Law Office represents the interests of Indiana residents who are pursuing a divorce. Call today to schedule an appointment and we can begin discussing your next moves immediately.

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