Fort Wayne Auto Accident Attorney

Fort Wayne Auto Accident Attorney

Fort Wayne Auto Accident Attorney

With auto collisions rising throughout the United States, Indiana is unfortunately not immune from this trend. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), up to 94% of car accidents are caused by human error–an alarming statistic that emphasizes the carelessness of drivers and highlights the importance of caution on roads.

The consequences of auto accidents can be devastating, ranging from issues resulting in physical disabilities, loss of life, emotional trauma, property damage, and reduced or loss of wages for extended periods. It’s nearly impossible to overestimate how vital it is to approach driving with a seriousness that matches its repercussions–the potential impact of an accident can ripple through entire lives and communities. Ultimately, realizing how critical safety measures should be taken when operating a vehicle to protect yourself and others is essential.

How can a Fort Wayne auto accident attorney help your case?

The fines associated with traffic violations in Indiana can be costly, primarily if you are found guilty. Even if you’re not found guilty, you will often have to pay for a deferral or Driver Safety Program, which can add to your expenses. So, when faced with a traffic violation, it’s essential to consider whether the benefit of hiring an experienced attorney is worth the additional cost.  

In many instances, an experienced attorney on your side can help offset the raised insurance rates and points on your license that come with a guilty verdict; they may even be able to completely nullify all penalties if you’re found not guilty in court. Ultimately, measuring the potential consequence and cost of doing nothing is critical versus engaging with an attorney who can minimize any damages or conviction in the long run.

Benefits of hiring a criminal defense attorney

Using an attorney to help you fight a traffic violation is always a good idea, as they are familiar with the local laws, have access to resources, and can give objective advice on legal strategies that can be used in court. Tickets and fines can be costly, but what can be more expensive is the disadvantage of not having a vehicle due to a suspended license. A criminal defense lawyer can help you understand your options before trial and even negotiate where applicable.

Be aware that many tickets are issued, knowing the driver has a strong chance of fighting them – but despite this, most drivers choose to accept their fines and move on. However, having an experienced lawyer can make all the difference if you believe your ticket was unfairly issued. 

Contact the Bellinger Law Firm for representation.

If you’re uncertain of traffic violation rights, it’s best to speak with an experienced lawyer with The Bellinger Law Firm for specialized advice. An experienced criminal defense attorney can provide evidence and insight into situations where officers made quick judgments to explain you were driving safely.

 It’s also worth noting that winning your case or negotiating a plea deal could reduce potential suspensions from your record, so consulting a lawyer at the Bellinger Law Group is recommended. Contact us today to schedule a consultation!

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