Fort Wayne Criminal Lawyer

Fort Wayne Criminal Lawyer

Fort Wayne Criminal Lawyer

The criminal justice system is difficult to navigate for those who are not career criminals. The process is frightening, confusing, and your whole life seemingly hangs in the balance. District attorneys and law enforcement exploit this uncertainty to leverage defendants into unfavorable plea deals. Before you accept any offer from any prosecuting attorney, you should have an attorney look over the offer against all the available evidence and determine whether or not you are better off fighting the charges. The following are some of the most common types of cases we handle at The Bellinger Law Office and how we can help you during this difficult time.

We Provide Skilled Criminal Defense to Fort Wayne Residents

  • DUI/OWI charges – A DUI conviction on your record makes it more difficult for you to pay for car insurance, costs hundreds if not thousands of dollars in fines, and could lead to time in jail if convicted. Factors that can increase the likelihood of felony charges include your BAC at the time of the arrest, whether or not there were minors in the car at the time of arrest, whether you caused an accident, and if anyone was injured or killed in that accident. Before you accept a deal, speak to a lawyer.
  • Drug possession charges – Drug possession charges may seem minor because they are not violent crimes, but some possession charges are felonies and any conviction can make it more difficult for you to get your dream job or secure housing in an apartment you adore. Before taking a plea, discuss the matter with an attorney.
  • Theft charges – Even if you were caught red-handed, you want to talk to an attorney to ensure you are not being overcharged for the offense. A theft conviction on your record does not look good to prospective employers or potential landlords.
  • Domestic violence charges – Domestic violence situations are generally quite complex. Police may misinterpret a situation after being called to the scene. A conviction, however, may mean that you are no longer allowed to have guns in your home and may affect custody arrangements.
  • Traffic violations – Every time you pay off a ticket, you are pleading guilty to an infraction. Your guilty plea has consequences for your record and may result in your license being suspended. You can fight tickets with the help of a criminal defense attorney.
  • Expungement and sealing – Is there something on your record that is hampering your job search? If so, you can petition the court to have your records sealed under certain circumstances. Call today to learn if you qualify.

The Bellinger Law Office also handles probation violations and juvenile crimes.

Contact a Fort Wayne Criminal Lawyer

If you have been charged with even a petty crime, fighting it may be your best option. Do not take a plea. Do not talk to investigators without an attorney. Call The Bellinger Law Office today and let us begin preparing your defense immediately.

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