Fort Wayne Divorce Attorney

Fort Wayne Divorce Attorney

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Few people will tell you that divorce is easy. Through the process, you must address the division of property you acquired during your marriage. Plus, there are issues regarding the care and support of minor children. Where spousal support may be appropriate for one party, it may be necessary for you to either request alimony – or contest it depending on the circumstances. The proceedings also take an emotional toll, as you may face an uncertain future.

At the Bellinger Law Office in Fort Wayne, Indiana, our attorneys empathize with your situation, which is why we make it a priority to take the stress off your shoulders. We have the experience in court, as well as the in-depth knowledge of Indiana’s complicated divorce laws to ensure protection of your legal rights. Our lawyers can help you negotiate with your spouse where an agreement on divorce issues is possible, but we will take the battle to court if necessary.

Our Attorneys Will Fight for Your Rights in Divorce

Every divorce case is different, but there are certain issues that most couples will need to address and resolve before concluding the dissolution of the marriage process in Indiana. In addition to any specific needs based upon your unique situation, the Bellinger legal team will assist with:

  • Property Division: State law requires marital property to be distributed in a just and reasonable manner, though this does not always mean an equal split. Many factors play a role in asset division, and we will ensure you get the amount to which you are entitled.
  • Spousal Support: A court may award alimony in your divorce case where proper to support one spouse, but there are many guidelines for making the determination. Whether you are seeking or fighting spousal support, our lawyers are on your side.
  • Child Custody, Visitation, and Support: A child’s best interests are paramount when a court decides upon custody and visitation. We can help you develop a fair arrangement that ensures you can maintain a strong bond with your child. Our legal team will also assist with child support issues, whether you are the payor or recipient parent. If it becomes necessary to enforce an award for support, we will take advantage of all strategies available under Indiana law.

Mediation in Indiana Divorce Cases

Indiana law requires divorcing couples to go through the mediation process to resolve certain types of disputes. In these proceedings, you and your spouse will meet with an experienced mediator who is trained to facilitate productive conversations about areas of disagreement. Through our representation in mediation matters, we can assist you in coming to an acceptable compromise with your spouse – often in situations where you thought agreement would not be possible. Mediation can help you avoid costly, protracted litigation in court.

Consult with a Knowledgeable Fort Wayne, IN Lawyer About Divorce Issues

If you are considering divorce in Indiana, please contact the Bellinger Law Firm in Fort Wayne to discuss your circumstances. We can schedule a consultation to explain your options or answer your divorce-related questions.

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