Fort Wayne Elder Law Attorney

Fort Wayne Elder Law Attorney

Fort Wayne Elder Law Attorney

When a person reaches retirement age, there are many issues that may require legal assistance. Estate planning, financial planning, decisions regarding end-of-life care, and guardianship issues can all require experienced legal representation. Protecting and enforcing the rights of the elderly can be critical, and working with an experienced Fort Wayne elder law attorney is essential. At The Bellinger Law Office, our knowledgeable family law attorneys are here to zealously advocate on your behalf or on behalf of your elderly loved ones. To learn more about our services, call or contact our office today to schedule a consultation.

Estate Planning 

Estate planning empowers a person to make decisions regarding the distribution of their estate after their passing and can provide security to their loved ones after that person is gone. Our office assists in the drafting of wills, trusts, power of attorney forms, and other estate planning documents so that clients of all ages can create comprehensive plans for their estates. Our elder law attorneys also ensure that an estate plan is created properly without procedural error or other issues that can lead to will and estate plan contests during the probate process. 

Financial Planning

Whether you are new to managing finances or an experienced business owner, our team is here to help you navigate the often complex world of finance. For our elderly clients, we offer specific guidance on retirement income planning, designing optimal investment plans for retirement income, and understanding the role of life insurance in creating a safety net for loved ones. With our diverse experience in family law, elder law, and financial planning, we can provide advice on how various legal issues may impact your finances.

End-of-Life Decisions

The Bellinger Law Office provides representation and legal advice for end-of-life decisions through the use of living wills and healthcare proxy forms. These legal documents dictate a person’s decisions regarding all aspects of medical treatment and care, including the use of certain medications, surgeries, feeding tubes, respirators, Do Not Resuscitate forms, palliative care, and more. It can also identify a trusted loved one to make medical decisions on a person’s behalf if they become unable to do so themselves.  


Adult guardianship in Indiana is sometimes required for the elderly or incapacitated when they are no longer able to care for themselves. A guardian appointed by the court takes on certain responsibilities and duties on behalf of the elder in their care, which can range from assisting in financial decisions to dispensing medications, maintaining hygiene, and more. Applying for guardianship can be a complex and lengthy process, but an experienced Fort Wayne elder law attorney can advocate for what is best for the loved ones in your life. To learn more about the elder law legal services provided at our firm, talk to our office today.

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If you would like to learn more about the wide range of legal services offered to our elderly clients in Indiana, call the office or contact us today at The Bellinger Law Office to schedule a consultation with one of our top-tier Fort Wayne elder law attorneys. 

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