Fort Wayne Family Law Lawyers

Fort Wayne Family Law Lawyers

Fort Wayne Family Law Lawyers

A broad range of topics fall under the umbrella of family law in Indiana, from divorce and paternity to issues regarding minor children. Considering that these matters typically involve some of your closest loved ones, it is critical to choose wisely when seeking family law attorneys. Our lawyers at the Bellinger Law Office in Fort Wayne, Indiana have the knowledge and experience you expect from a highly regarded family law practice, along with the compassion you need to help guide you through the very emotional issues that inevitably arise.

Our Lawyers Put Your Needs First in Family Law Issues

Family law touches on your most intimate relationships, which requires a personalized touch to providing representation. Our team at the Bellinger Law Office knows that we serve you best when we explain complex concepts behind Indiana’s family laws, providing the information you need to make responsible decisions regarding your circumstances. We have extensive experience in all areas of family law, including:

  • Divorce: While every divorce is different, there are certain common elements parties must address through the process. In an ideal world, you could agree on matters that are at the core of your case, such as asset division and spousal support. However, these tend to be among the most hotly contested issues.

Our divorce attorneys will assist you in negotiating an agreement, and we can help you navigate the mediation process where appropriate to resolve disputes. If it becomes necessary to go to court for a determination on alimony and splitting marital property, we will relentlessly fight for your rights.

  • Child Custody, Visitation, and Support: Whether minor children are involved in your divorce or you are an unmarried parent seeking to protect your interests, you can trust our lawyers to provide quality representation. The primary factor in child custody and visitation is the child’s best interests, and we can help you understand this standard under Indiana law. Our team will also assist if you need to enforce a child support order.
  • Paternity and Men’s Rights: As fathers seek to play a larger role in the lives of their children, there are increasing needs for advice on paternity and men’s rights. At Bellinger Law Office, we will be at your side to ensure you can maintain a healthy relationship with your child.
  • Modifications of Spousal or Child Support: When circumstances change, you may need help with modifying an award for alimony or child support. There are serious consequences for taking these matters into your own hands without court approval, so it is important to have guidance from our legal team.
  • Other Family Law Areas: Our comprehensive suite of family law services also includes counsel in such areas as:
    • Guardian ad Litem Cases;
    • Relocation of Minor Children;
    • Same-Sex Relationships;
    • Many Other Topics.

Discuss Family Law Issues with an Experienced Fort Wayne, IN Lawyer

If you would like more information on Indiana family law issues, please call 260-428-2214 to reach the Bellinger Law Office in Fort Wayne, IN. You can also check us out online to schedule a consultation regarding your circumstances.

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