Fort Wayne Personal Injury Lawyer

Fort Wayne Personal Injury Lawyer

Fort Wayne Personal Injury Lawyer

Personal injury lawsuits, also known as torts, are injury claims made against a negligent defendant. The most common type of personal injury claim is a traffic accident. In a traffic accident, a determination of fault is made. Since everyone carries auto insurance (or at least is legally required to), the insurance companies “indemnify” or take on liability for the negligent driver, pay out the claim on their behalf, and resolve the matter.

While almost every type of personal injury claim will involve an action with an insurance company, the standard of proof in these cases can be wildly different. 

Types of Personal Injury Claims

  • Premises liability lawsuits – Proprietors owe customers the highest duty of care under the law. If they leave a dangerous condition on premises, or fail to protect guests from security threats, they can be sued if someone is injured or killed. Foreknowledge is the key to proving negligence in these cases. Slip and fall accidents and negligent security accidents are examples of premises liability lawsuits.
  • Truck accident lawsuits – Commercial vehicles are driven by licensed drivers who have special licenses to operate their vehicles. That means that they are beholden to specific federal and state regulations in order to retain their licensing. Violations can result in injuries which result in lawsuits against the companies they work for.
  • Construction accidents – Employers are immune from lawsuits filed against employees (usually), but often, third-party contractors are injured by the negligence of another company’s worker. In those cases, a lawsuit can be filed against the company. Further, if members of the public are injured due to negligent conditions on a roadway or near a building, you can sue to recover damages.
  • Child care injury – We are hearing more about the abuse of special needs children, especially those with autism and related disorders. We are also seeing more instances of neglect, failure to report abuse from other children, and more. If your child is injured at preschool or in any other care environment, you may be able to hold the party accountable who failed to intervene or caused the injury to your child.
  • Nursing home abuse – Nursing home abuse lawsuits contain elements of medical malpractice, medical battery, neglect, physical and sexual abuse, and financial exploitation. Our attorneys fight hard to hold negligent and abusive parties accountable for their conduct.
  • Wrongful death – Wrongful death actions are those filed by a grieving family on behalf of a deceased loved one who lost their life due to negligence or malice.

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