Hessen Cassel Child Support Attorneys

Hessen Cassel Child Support Attorneys

Hessen Cassel Child Support Lawyer

Are you concerned about your Hessen Cassel child support payments? At the Bellinger Law Office, our child support attorneys can help you. If you want fair advice and representation from an experienced family law attorney, contact our office today at (260) 428-2241.

Whether you are a mother or a father who is facing the prospect of divorce and the child support payments that accompany divorce, or you already have a child support order that you are paying and you need to ask the court to consider a fair modification, you need an experienced Hessen Cassel child support attorney to sift through the details of your situation and ensure that you are getting a fair deal. This is where the child support attorneys at the Bellinger Law Office come in.

Factors Involved in Hessen Cassel Child Support

While rules, guidelines, and formulas established by the state of Indiana are the basis of child support calculations, there are other factors involved, including:

  • Income
  • Credits/offsets
  • Deviations
  • The needs of the children
  • How much time parent spends with children

When you are our client, your experienced Hessen Cassel child support attorney from the Bellinger Law Office will work with you to ensure that your income, any credits and offsets, deviations, your child’s needs, and the amount of time that you spend with your children is all fairly represented when your child support is calculated. You will find that especially if you are self-employed, you have an income that is irregular, or you receive commission payments, you will want a Hessen Cassel child support attorney who knows what they are doing to ensure that your income is calculated fairly.

At the Bellinger Law Office, we can also help you handle unfair post-decree modifications. More often than not, parents cannot seem to get along for the best interests of the child, so we take our job seriously in ensuring that your child’s best interest is protected when we are working on your child support case. While your child’s best interest is of utmost importance, we also work to protect your best interests, your financial interests, and your property during the interim of your child support or modification case.

Unfair Child Support in Hessen Cassel?

Call the Bellinger Law Office today at (260) 428-2214.   

Both parents matter in their children’s lives, yet, far too often, either one parent or the other gets caught up in trying to get revenge through child custody and child support orders. Our goal at the Bellinger Law Office is to provide you with a Hessen Cassel child support attorney who can play a mediating role and help you come to a fair agreement that both parents can be satisfied with and that is fair for the children involved.

Call our office today at (260) 428-2214 and we will provide you with a free initial consultation on your case. Our Hessen Cassel child support attorneys can help you get your child support issues resolved efficiently; contact us today.

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