Hessen Cassel Divorce Lawyer

Hessen Cassel Divorce Lawyer

Working with an Experienced Divorce Attorney in Hessen Cassel, IN

Do you need a lawyer if you are planning to file for divorce in Hessen Cassel, IN? While you might know some friends or family members who have previously gone through the process of divorce in Indiana, it is essential to work with an experienced Hessen Cassel divorce attorney who can evaluate the specific facts of your case and can help you to move seamlessly through the divorce process.

Indeed, divorce law in Indiana can be very complicated, especially when you and your spouse have significant assets or debts that will need to be divided, as well as when you have children from the marriage. This is one process that you do not want to leave up to chance. An experienced family lawyer can answer each question you have and will be with you every step of the way.

Issues to Be Determined at the Time of Your Hessen Cassel Divorce

The decision to file for divorce in Hessen Cassel should not be one that you make lightly. To be sure, there are serious financial impacts in every divorce, given that the income for a single household during the marriage likely will now need to support two separate households. And in addition to important financial issues, your divorce also can impact the amount of time you spend with your children and can shift parental responsibilities when it comes to making important decisions about your children’s future.

In Indiana, family law is governed by Title 31 of the Indiana Code. Considering current Indiana law, what are some of the most significant aspects of the divorce process that each party will need to think about carefully?

  •      Division of Marital Property: During the divorce process, the court will divide marital assets and marital debts. It will use a theory of property division known as “equitable distribution,” which means the court will distribute the assets and debts of the marriage in a manner that is equitable to both parties. While there is a presumption of equal division in our state, the equitable distribution of property does not need to be an equal division.
  •      Support: In addition to making determinations about property division, the court will address matters of spousal maintenance and child support.
  •      Child Custody: Financial issues are not the only matters for the court to address during your divorce. It will also make a determination about child custody, which refers to both legal custody (who makes decisions for the child) and physical custody (who cares for the child in his/her home). The court will also make determinations about visitation, or parenting time.

If you are not happy with the outcome of your divorce when it comes to support payments or child custody matters, you should keep in mind that court orders can be modified.

Get in Touch with a Dedicated Hessen Cassel Divorce Lawyer Today

When spouses decide to get divorced in Hessen Cassel, it can be difficult on their children, their friends, and their family members. Yet divorce often is toughest on the spouses themselves, even when the issues that arise during the divorce process are not particularly contentious. A dedicated Hessen Cassel divorce lawyer can answer your questions today. Contact The Bellinger Law Office to learn more about how we can help with your divorce.

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