New Haven Child Support Attorneys

New Haven Child Support Attorneys

New Haven Child Support Lawyer

At the Bellinger Law Office, our New Haven child support attorneys understand that the initial determination of your child support may not be enough to handle your child’s needs. We also realize that a determination of child support can generate multiple questions and often quite a bit of acrimony between the two parents. However, most importantly, we know that child support was created for the best interest of the child, not the interests of the adults involved.

When our New Haven child support attorneys take on child support cases, our main goal is to ensure that the child in question is not shortchanged. We have dealt with cases in which one parent or the other want to punish the other, however, punishment is not what child support is about. Ultimately, the child support is determined for the benefit of the child involved.

Maintaining the Same Lifestyle

Another focus of child support is to ensure that the child is able to live a similar lifestyle as they have been used to. This is especially true in cases of divorce. Indiana child support rules and guidelines were developed to calculate child support in a manner that helps to maintain the same financial life, however, we understand that this is not an easy reality, because the two parents who once combined their incomes to provide a lifestyle for the child are now trying to live on separate incomes at two different homes.

With all this said, at the Bellinger Law Office, our New Haven child support attorneys ensure that we find all income that both parents bring in, as well as take into consideration all of the credits or offsets that can be attributed to each party under Indiana child support rules and guidelines. At Bellinger Law Office, we are also aware of the different deviations to the rules and guidelines of child support, and we work diligently to ensure that those are taken into consideration, as well, when coming up with a child support amount that is fair for the child. If there are any potential deviations, we do not hesitate to bring them to the attention of the court.

Do You Need a New Haven Child Support Attorney?

The Bellinger Law Office child support attorneys engross ourselves in child support matters starting at the entry level, the rules and guidelines that Indiana provides. Then, we work through the different steps of determining income, credits and offsets, and deviations.

Sometimes, things change in one or the other parent’s financial situation. When this happens, it makes the child support calculation incorrect, but in order to get the payment amounts changed, both parties must go back to court for a child support modification. If initial child support determinations are not enough due to financial or life-altering changes that occur with either parent, we work on child support modifications for families, as well.

If you need assistance with obtaining a fair child support determination in New Haven, contact our experienced child support attorneys at the Bellinger Law Office at (260) 428-2214 today for a free initial consultation on your case.

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