New Haven Family Law Attorney

New Haven Family Law Attorney

New Haven Family Law Lawyers

Family law issues create sensitive and difficult challenges for any family, even if the family desperately needs resolution of the issue. For a variety of reasons, when a marriage breaks down, it can result in financial and emotional devastation that is rarely anticipated. As your New Haven family law attorneys, The Bellinger Law Office offers professional and personalized support on a level that you normally do not expect from a legal professional.

We Help Our Client Move Forward

We understand that you cannot continue dealing with issues of the past. You need to resolve your family law matters so that you can move forward with your new – and hopefully improved – life. We are aware of the emotional and mental health issues that can manifest during the process of family law matter, and we want to help you find a solution that is in your best interest as quickly as possible.

As family law attorneys in New Haven, we represent clients in a range of child matters, including:

  • Child custody;
  • Child support;
  • Visitation;
  • Establishing paternity; and
  • Guardianship and adoption.

The Bellinger Law Office also helps clients with the following family law matters:

Helping Families Find Solutions

We focus on finding solutions for our clients, no matter how difficult their family law matter may seem, there is a solution. At The Bellinger Law Office, we know that the longer a family law matter drags on, the longer your family is up in the air, dealing with emotions and mental anguish that will not even begin to diminish until the case has come to a resolution. Whether or not there are children involved in your family law matter, we will be right there by your side through the toughest parts of litigation and work diligently to find a solution as quickly as possible so that you can move on with your life.

If you are not sure where you need to go next, pick up your phone and call our office at (260) 428-2214. One of our experienced New Haven family law attorneys will provide you with a free case evaluation and let you know whether our legal services are a good fit for your needs or not.

Do You Have a Family Law Matter in New Haven? Call Today

Contact The Bellinger Law Office today if you have a family law matter brewing and you want to start the process of finding a solution. We offer a free consultation, so call us today at (260) 428-2214.

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