Truck Accident Lawyer Fort Wayne

Truck Accident Lawyer Fort Wayne

Truck Accident Lawyer Fort Wayne

Have you been involved in a truck accident? These accidents can lead to complex legal proceedings and costly damages due to personal injury, loss of wages, and large-scale property damage. An experienced truck accident lawyer in Fort Wayne is here to help you through this challenging process with patience, understanding, and expertise. 

Professional truck drivers must remain vigilant while driving to ensure everyone’s safety on the road, and driver negligence of any kind is wholly unacceptable in this job description. 

How can a truck accident lawyer in Fort Wayne help your case?

Truck drivers know that they have an immense responsibility when they climb behind the wheel of a massive 18-wheeler, and this is why they are held to far more exacting safety standards than everyday drivers. 

Some of the most common incidents involving truck driving accidents include the following:

  • Distracted drivers: Truck drivers are not exempt from the growing number of distracted drivers who use cell phones. If you suspect your accident was due to texting and driving, tell your lawyer immediately to perform an investigation.
  • Driver exhaustion: Truck drivers often ensure long travel times on the road, and some are rewarded for a faster delivery time. Tight deadlines may cause drivers to be on the road without adequate sleep.
  • Speeding: Speeding to deliver goods can result in catastrophic accidents. Due to the size and weight of a truck, speeding has severe implications during and after a collision.
  • Impairment: Drugs and alcohol use while driving has profound implications. Contact your lawyer immediately if you suspect a truck driver’s negligence was due to substance abuse.

Truck drivers are held to higher driving standards due to the size, weight, and potential damage trucks can cause to small, mid-size, and large SUV’s. 

How truck accident lawyers work with insurance

When you have been the victim of a negligent truck driver and are filing a claim through their insurance company, remember that the company is there to do one thing: squeeze out a settlement for as little cost as possible. The various tactics they may use include:

  • Luring you into an early settlement offer likely far below what you’re entitled to receive.
  • Prolonging or complicating your claim process.
  • Questioning the legitimacy of your damages. Pointing the blame at you whenever possible.

While dealing with an insurance company may be daunting, understanding their tactics ahead of time can help protect your rights and make sure you get the compensation needed. Not only will our team of experienced lawyers deal with the intricate details of insurance, but we will also advocate for the highest payout to cover the pain, suffering, and property damage you have incurred after an accident with a truck. 

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Our team is dedicated to helping ensure you get the compensation you need for medical bills, lost wages, car repairs, and any other costs associated with your claim. You shouldn’t have to suffer due to someone else’s negligence on the road – let us handle all aspects of your case from start to finish so that you don’t have worry about it anymore.

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