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It is natural for those who have been subjected to acts of violence or other types of crimes to have concerns about seeing the accused, either before trial or after they have been punished.  At the Bellinger Law Office, our experienced Fort Wayne criminal law attorney understands how traumatizing your experience may have been, and can assist you in getting a protective order to help ensure both your peace of mind as well as your safety.

Protective Orders In Criminal Cases

Under the guidelines established by the Indiana court, ‘no contact’ orders are typically issued in criminal cases, prohibiting the accused from having any direct or indirect contact with victims and others associated with the case. No contact orders may be issued as a condition of bail, or in connection with any civil protection order approved by the court. Actions that would violate a non-contact order include the following:

  • Either directly or indirectly contacting or attempting to communicate with the victim, either in person, by mail, telephone, or other electronic means;
  • Stalking, following, or otherwise surveilling the victim;
  • Harassing and appearing at the victim’s home, work, school, or in other public places.
  • Vandalizing property;
  • Making threats or threatening gestures.

A protective order can also require the subject to surrender any weapons they may still possess. Violating a no-contact or protective order could result in additional criminal charges, including Intimidation of a Witness, Attempted Battery, and Stalking.

Protection Against Workplace Violence

In addition to protecting victims in criminal matters listed under Section 35 of the Indiana Code, protective orders can also help prevent workplace violence. Workplace Violence Restraining Orders (WVROs) can be used by an employer to protect them against employees or by employees to protect them from other workers or managers on job sites.

A WVRO may be issued on a temporary basis of 15 days without a hearing, or may be issued as an injunction, lasting up to three years. At the Bellinger Law Office, we can assist you in obtaining a WVRO as the result of the following:

  • Acts of assault, battery, or other physical confrontations;
  • Threatening or intimidating behaviors;
  • Stalking and other types of harassment;
  • Credible threats of violence, such as written statements or those made to others.

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Do not let harassing behavior or threats of violence rob you of peace of mind or keep you from enjoying your life. Contact the Bellinger Law Office to find out how our Fort Wayne attorney can help to ensure you are protected. Request a confidential consultation today.  

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