False Accusations & Custody Battles

Child Custody
False Accusations & Custody Battles

February 20, 2023

Divorce is a difficult and contentious time for everyone in a family. When children are involved, and an unraveling divorce becomes difficult, ex-spouses must obtain legal representation and maneuver the complex process with a custody lawyer, especially if they receive false accusations. 

False accusations against partners in child custody cases are too widespread. At times, false accusations occur as a tactic used to alienate the child from the targeted parent by one who believes that they will gain leverage in court. The following blog will explain what false accusations look like and what parents can lawfully do during custody battles that may include one partner falsely accusing the other of malicious or abusive behavior.

How is custody decided in Indiana?

The Indiana Parenting Time Guidelines provide a framework for parents to follow to help ensure their children maintain frequent, meaningful, and continuing contact with each parent. In the eyes of Indiana law, in most cases, both parents are uniquely positioned to nurture and provide critical guidance during the developmental stages of a child. Extenuating circumstances, including criminal backgrounds, domestic violence offenses, and specific mental illness diagnoses, may impact an even custodial split. 

Despite the potential exemptions, some parents who want more custody over another parent may go to great lengths and falsely accuse another partner of violence, deceit, or unlawful behavior of obtaining more custody over the other parent.

What should you do if your ex makes false accusations?

You must maintain control and composure when faced with false allegations in a family court. Any hostile eruption could cost you from seeing your children; this is simply something you cannot risk. Speak to your attorney and gain insight into the accusations against you. Giving a lawyer as much information as possible countering the accusation will not only help your attorney build a solid defense for your case, but it also helps to dismantle the negative story that those false allegations are attempting to paint. 

Keep calm, stay collected, and understand that these unjust circumstances have comprised an inexcusable difficulty for you and your family. The Bellinger Law Office will assist your case by offering any available emails, text messages, and correspondence from one spouse to the other. Additionally, our team will gather testimony on your behalf, counter-accusations, and defend your right to your children and reputation. 

Falsely Accused? Contact The Bellinger Law Office

Showing a court of law that you can diffuse false allegations against you with a relaxed, calm demeanor and evidence to back it up speaks volumes. This process is not taken lightly as it ultimately shows the court that you respect their authority enough to go through every step needed to prove your case in their eyes. It also illustrates you as an exemplary parent for your children. 

In addition, being honest about who you are as a parent can speak volumes to the judges when evaluating the best decision for both parties involved. Contact our divorce attorneys at The Bellinger Law Office for legal representation during your custody case. Our attorneys will do everything in our power to uphold your reputation and produce the best possible outcome for your case. Contact us today.

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