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Family Law

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Our individualized approach sets us apart. We learn about you, your goals and your immediate concerns to deliver efficient and effective recommendations based on your specific circumstances.

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When divorce is the best solution, it is important to have experienced and knowledgeable legal counsel to get you through the process. At the Fort Wayne, Indiana, law firm, The Bellinger Law Office, we represent men and women in matters related to divorce and other family law issues. We know this is a very stressful time for you, and we work hard to minimize that stress and secure a favorable outcome.

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There is a lot at stake in most family law cases. Your future, the future of your children and your financial situation depend on the outcome. Learn how a skilled family law attorney can help. Call The Bellinger Law Office at 260-428-2214 or contact Fort Wayne family law attorney Robert H. Bellinger online.

Mediation — A Requirement in Indiana

People involved in most family law disputes must first go through the mediation process. This is often less contentious, less expensive and more likely to result in an outcome that both sides can accept. However, because it does not work in every case, many family law matters proceed to trial. Attorney Bellinger has significant experience in the courtroom and will take your matter to trial whenever that is to your advantage.


Although the culture and the law are changing, men are still the underdogs in many family law cases. Women, especially mothers, often receive the benefit of the doubt and are awarded custody or generous child support even when not warranted by the facts. Attorney Bellinger is a supporter of men’s rights in family law cases and works hard to level the playing field for men and fathers.

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Contact The Bellinger Law Office for representation in any divorce and family law matter. Call our Fort Wayne, Indiana, firm at 260-428-2214. We will respond right away.

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