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You’ve probably seen the divorce process represented on television in a lot of different ways. From dramatic TV movies to divorce court shows, these onscreen dramas often portray the divorce process much differently than it plays out in real life. Some people in Fort Wayne might believe they can easily represent themselves in a divorce battle, but the fact is divorce is not something to take chances with. Your future is at stake, including your financial well-being, the custody and support of your children, spousal support, and how your property will be divided. The Bellinger Law Office in Fort Wayne will help you wade through the divorce process and get you the best possible legal outcome.

Common Divorce Issues People Face in Fort Wayne

Sometimes, we hear the question: “So, how does a typical divorce case go?” While we understand that most divorces share the same types of issues, there is no such thing as a “typical divorce.” The fact is everyone has their own set of circumstances, which means no two divorce cases will play out exactly the same. Of course, divorce is the same in that every case is designed to end with the dissolution of the marriage, but divorce cases can also include many other types of issues that must be resolved, including:

  • Property Division – every divorce will include important decisions about dividing the couple’s property, but there are many factors that will play a part in how this is done. We ensure that you receive the fair amount to which you are legally entitled.
  • Child Custody – while all aspects of divorce can be difficult, perhaps the toughest is deciding the custody of your children. We will weigh all the options and help you determine what custody situation is best for your case.
  • Child Support – anytime one parent ends up being the custodial parent, there is a chance that the non-custodial parent will be ordered to pay child support. We make sure that the amount of child support is determined accurately and fairly.
  • Spousal Support – many divorce cases involve one spouse paying spousal support (also known as spousal maintenance or alimony) to the other. There are many different aspects and guidelines that go into determining spousal support and every divorce is unique.
  • Visitation/Parenting Time – even if one parent ends up with full legal custody, in almost all instances, the other parent is still entitled to visitation rights or parenting time. We will help ensure that the right parameters are set up for your parenting time circumstances.
  • Mediation – We also help with mediation, which is required by Indiana law. Through mediation, we help our clients try to reach an acceptable compromise in order to avoid a lengthier and more expensive trial process.

Representing Fort Wayne Fathers in Divorce Matters

Many times in divorce fathers in Fort Wayne end up getting the short end of the stick, so-to-speak. We aggressively represent fathers who are not treated fairly in these cases. We make sure that fathers’ rights are protected and that men receive the same parental opportunities that women do, according to the law.

We Help With Divorce Modifications in Fort Wayne

If you need help with Modifications for your divorce settlement, we can provide you with assistance for that as well. Even though couples might agree on the settlement parameters in the beginning, that doesn’t mean that those parameters will always be the best. Sometimes divorce agreements need adjustments. If you need to make modifications on your spousal support, child support or other family law issues, then the Bellinger Law Office in Fort Wayne can help.

Don’t Go Through Divorce Alone – Seek Experienced Legal Help in Fort Wayne

Divorce is almost never easy, which is why you should contact the experienced team at The Bellinger Law Office. We fight for your rights in divorce and seek the best possible legal outcome for your individual situation. Please contact us today at 260-428-2214 in Fort Wayne, or you can contact us online.

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