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The Bellinger Law Office has served as a paternity representative for many fathers in Indiana. There are two reasons clients often seek a paternity lawyer. One reason is that someone wants to establish paternity in order to help ensure future custody. Another reason is to fight claims of paternity so that a client does not need to pay child support because of mistaken identification.

According to I.C. 31-14-7-1, there are several situations in which a man is presumed to be a child’s biological father. This includes genetic testing assuring 99% probability, an attempt of a man and woman to marry in compliance with the law, or if a child is born during a marriage, or within 300 days after it has ended.

Although the law presumes paternity in this case, a rebuttal of definitive and convincing evidence can be presented to the court. In these cases, it is a good idea to have an attorney on your side because the courts will require precise documentation. If the presumed father can show he had no access to the mother, was impotent at the time of conception, can contradict the DNA test, or was only around the mother when sexual intercourse could not have occurred, then the court can agree to nullify the paternity standing.

For fathers who wish to exercise their paternity rights and have been barred from doing so, The Bellinger Law Office can walk you through the necessary steps for establishing paternity and claiming a legal right. Many fathers do not realize that, in order to file for a paternity action in Indiana, they need to register with the Putative Father Registry. This legal mechanism can help ensure that a father’s rights are protected if a mother attempts to arrange an adoption or alternative custodial arrangement without their consent or knowledge. Enrollment in the registry can help ensure legal notice of a pending adoption petition.  If you have questions about paternity, contact our Fort Wayne paternity attorney at 260-428-2214, or contact The Bellinger Law Office online.

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