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Fort Wayne Protective Order Lawyer

If you live with a partner or family member whose behavior is aggressive, controlling, or unpredictable, you may be living in fear of going about your daily activities or even leaving your home. At the Bellinger Law Office, our experienced Fort Wayne family law attorney can advise you on your rights in getting a protective order, which can provide you with security while preventing any further incidents.

Protective Orders In Ft. Wayne Family Law Cases

At the Bellinger Law Office, we assist clients in seeking a protective order in family law cases, such as those involving divorce or separation or during child custody and support hearings, as well as when domestic abuse or sexual violence is occurring among either family or nonfamily members residing in your home. Under the Indiana Civil Protection Order Act (IC 34-26-5), a protective order can prohibit the person named within from taking any of the following types of actions:

  • Committing or threatening to commit violent acts;
  • Stalking, harassing, or otherwise engaging in annoying conduct or communications;
  • Appearing at your home, business, work, school, or other location;
  • Damaging or removing items from your property.

Our Fort Wayne family law attorney can also help you get a protective order granting you sole custody of children, requiring any visitation to be supervised by a third party, or restricting the other parent from moving the child out of state.

Filing and Enforcement of Protective Orders

At the Bellinger Law Office, our Fort Wayne family law attorney can assist you in filing a petition for a protective order with the Indiana court, In general, the other party will be notified of the filing, and a hearing in the matter will be held within 30 days. In cases where there is an immediate threat of domestic or family violence, the court may issue an emergency order, immediately prohibiting contact and requiring the surrender of any weapons.

A protection order is generally valid for a two-year period, and once your order is issued, you should keep these documents on you at all times. In the event the accused appears at your residence, attempts to contact you, or in some other way violates the order, you should immediately notify law enforcement. Those who violate protective orders may be subject to fines and immediate arrest.

Our Family Law Attorney Looks Out For Your Interests

At the Bellinger Law Office, our Fort Wayne attorney acts as a strong legal advocate, looking out for your best interests. To get the professional legal representation you need to protect yourself and your loved ones, call or contact our office online today and request a consultation.

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