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Family Law
Family Law

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Our individualized approach sets us apart. We learn about you, your goals and your immediate concerns to deliver efficient and effective recommendations based on your specific circumstances.

Fort Wayne Family Law Attorney

What comes to mind when you consider the term “family law?” For most people, divorce and child custody or support issues are probably the first things that pop up. Surely those are some of the most common family law issues that we deal with every day at The Bellinger Law Office in Fort Wayne. However, there are many different kinds of family law issues, and we can help you with all of them.

Well-Rounded Family Law Experience

Besides divorce and child custody & support issues, our law firm can assist you with spousal support, modifications, parenting time issues, relocations, adoptions, children in need of services, and guardianships. We understand that every family law matter is unique because every family is unique. That’s why we take the time to listen to you and truly hear what you have to say, so we can best serve your needs when it comes to your particular family law issues.

Important Requirement in Indiana

Another area of practice we possess is dealing with mediation. Did you know that by law, almost all people involved in legal matters between family members in Indiana have to go through the mediation process before they go to trial? Mediation can be a much easier course to follow in your family matter because it often takes less time, costs less money and is less combative. Plus, mediation usually is better for getting results that both parties can live with.

We Are Courtroom Ready

However, that’s not to say that some cases don’t go to trial. While it would be nice if all couples could handle things civilly outside of the courtroom, sometimes these kinds of matters just can’t be resolved without the help of the court. Rest assured that we are prepared to go to trial if need be and if it’s in your best interest. We have years of experience in the courtroom, and we will ensure that your case is handled properly.

We Can Help You With Matters of Family Law

The bottom line when it comes to family issues in Alan County is that The Bellinger Law Office can help you. We know that these situations tend to be very emotionally driven, which can lead to a lot of hurt feelings. Those kinds of feelings can sometimes lead to poor decisions. Don’t let this happen to you. Contact a Fort Wayne family law attorney you can trust: The Bellinger Law Office, at 260-428-2214, or click here to contact us online. If you would like to learn more about the different areas of family law that we handle, then please check out our family law page.

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