First Meeting With A Divorce Lawyer: How To Plan and What to Expect

First Meeting With A Divorce Lawyer: How To Plan and What to Expect

March 01, 2016

After the search for an experienced divorce attorney is over and you have finally picked a Fort Wayne attorney to help you with your divorce case, it is important to prepare for your first meeting.  Being unprepared for the first meeting not only can lead to a lot of wasted time, but also wasted money! It will take your attorney a longer time to catch up to speed with everything having to do with your legal case. Ensure you get the most bang for your buck by thoroughly preparing for your meeting.

Make sure you arrive early: Similar to the procedures at a doctor’s office, there is often times paperwork you must fill out before the actual meeting. The paperwork requests basic contact information, employment/income information, current and previous addresses, social security numbers, as well as information about your children.

Bring your documents: Even though it is your attorney’s job to gather all the information and documents necessary to finalize a divorce, you can definitely help him or her out by coming prepared. Your lawyer will definitely need your recent paystubs for each spouse and/or your past tax returns. Both are important in figuring out how much your household has been earning over time and is currently earning. This information will help your attorney get a grasp on any potential child support and alimony that will come along with your case. You should also bring details about your retirement and pension. These are important factors to take into consideration because they often times represent very large assets they you may own as a couple.

Make a list of questions: It is not uncommon that most people are very overwhelmed during their first meeting with an attorney. Making a list of questions beforehand to ensure you do not forget any important ones can be very beneficial for both you and the attorney. No question is a stupid question, and you should feel comfortable asking anything you have questions or concerns about.

Prepare for questions your attorney may ask: In order for a divorce attorney to properly serve you, they need to ask you many personal questions so they can understand your case. They may be very difficult to answer, however you must not hide or lie about anything. It is more than likely that it will make the process much more difficult in the end.

Some questions may include things such as the following:

  • Why do you want a divorce?
  • Is somebody at fault?
  • Were you or your spouse involved in an affair?
  • What sort of custody issues are you facing?
  • What do you want to get out of your divorce financially?

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