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Fort Wayne Family Law Attorney | Criminal Defense Lawyer

May 30, 2014

A Real Advocate for You

At the Fort Wayne, Indiana, law firm, The Bellinger Law Office, we believe that your attorney should not only know the law, but also be a real advocate — your voice — in your legal matter.

Most people have few encounters with the legal system during their lifetimes. When they do have a legal problem, it usually falls into one of these categories:

Because they have little or no experience with the law, many people know only that it is complicated and expensive. At The Bellinger Law Office, we make sure that clients know that they have rights under the law. We help clients understand those rights and assess their options, whether they are facing a DUI/DWI or a divorce. This gives our clients the knowledge they need to make choices about the legal matters that affect them.

To speak with attorney Robert Bellinger, contact our Fort Wayne law firm. Call 260-428-2214 to discuss your legal needs.

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