How Dangerous Texting and Driving Really Is

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How Dangerous Texting and Driving Really Is

November 24, 2015

The fact that texting and driving is beyond dangerous is nothing new. Texting while driving is by far the most common type of distracted driving. A distracted driver is very dangerous on the roads of Fort Wayne and the rest of Indiana. Even though it is strictly prohibited by law, it seems to be that the technological age we live in today drives people of all ages to constantly be connected to our phones and the rest of society. Many people aren’t putting their phones down even in situations that require their complete and undivided attention.

How Dangerous is Dangerous

Texting while driving increases the risk of getting in an auto accident 23 times no matter if you are sending or reading a text message. Every text you read or send takes your attention off the road, thus distracting you from reacting to things that happen.

Teens & Distracted Driving

Few would be surprised to find out that teen drivers are the most common group to text and drive. According to the CDC survey of teen drivers, over 41% of teenagers have admitted to texting while driving within the past month. Studies have also repeatedly shown that the most common cause of death among teenagers is in fact texting and driving.

What to Do as a Parent

Make it a point to voice the safety issues of texting and driving to your teen driver. Remind them the brutal truth of distracted driving and how it can cause themselves or another driver serious injuries or even death.

Texting = Ticket

Even though there are laws in Indiana that make texting and driving illegal, it still happens all the time. Always remember that you can and will be pulled over if you violate this law, and if you are issued a ticket it can carry a fine up to an outstanding $500.

Put Down Your Cell Phone While on the Road

The overall point of this is to emphasize one thing: please put your phone down and pay attention to the road. If you still can’t put your phone down, it is also important to remember that if you injure another person on the road while texting, you may be financially responsible for any injuries, fatalities, property damage or loss of wage that was caused because of the accident.

If you do end up being pulled over and ticketed, however, more often than not by hiring an experienced Fort Wayne traffic violations lawyer, you can often times help your situation greatly.

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